How to lose weight and get back in shape


If there is one good thing, we can take away from 2020, it is that we have seen a resurgence of age-old tried and tested ways of doing things on our own. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to change our ways and to adopt a more traditional way of living, right? 

One of the biggest focal points of 'life at home' is that the new routine had a lot of people putting on a few extra kilos. So how do you reduce some weight and get back in shape naturally? According to Ayurveda, an excess of the Kapha dosha is responsible for the excess weight. This is also inversely true, in that excess weight gives way to an increase in Kapha in your body. Let us look at some time-tested tips to lose weight. 

Sattvic diet                                                                                      

A Sattvic diet is vegetarian and prescribes consumption of nutritious whole foods, including fruits, nuts, seeds, honey, ripe vegetables, legumes, foods high in fiber and generally low in fat. Certain types of food like fried food, white sugar and caffeine are excluded from the Sattvic dietary pattern. Why Sattvik diet? Well, whole grains provide a boost to immune system and fibers regulate your gastrointestinal tract. Spices exhibits antimicrobial properties along with few other properties aiding in digestion. Nuts like Walnuts aids in reducing appetite which in turn aids in weight loss.  

Hot Water

It has been observed that exposure to external sources like pollution, unhealthy foods lead to accumulation of toxins (also known as ama) in our body. Ama being sticky in nature easily dissolves in the hot water and has been well recognized as an elixir in the Vedic tradition. Thus, consumption of hot water throughout the day helps in elimination of toxins and aids in digestion. Hot water can also be supplemented with ginger/lemon in order to boost metabolism & improve digestion. 

Practice Yoga                                                                                  

Yoga is an all-in-one philosophy that nurtures and heals your mind, body and soul. While it may seem to offer no direct calorie-burning benefits, Yoga can build a great framework to support other weight-watching choices. It lubricates and detoxifies you mentally and physically, preparing you with the correct mindset to achieve your goals. 

Eating at the Right Time

According to the Ayurvedic doctrine, it is essential to have meals in a well-paced manner, within fixed time settings to avoid putting stress on the digestive system. Try to consume meals between timings 2 am and 6 am &10 am to 2 pm [Pitta dosha dominates] as during this time digestive strength is maximum. From 2 pm to 6 pm [Vata dosha is high] you are free to consume sweet/ spiced teas. Between 6 pm and 10 pm, kapha prevails. You would do well to avoid having food during this time. In case, you eat your dinner within these time limits, make sure that you eat light to eat right. 

Follow a daily routine                                                                                         

The best solution is often the simplest solution. Adhering to a healthy fixed daily routine with simple actions like eating, sleeping, practicing yoga, and regularly cleansing your body provides your body with the necessary time for rest. 

Get the correct intake 

There are few ingredients in Ayurveda which are highly recommended for weight loss like Punarnava, Garcinia etc. Therefore, consider supplementing your efforts with the benefits of these Ayurvedic ingredients and stay firmly in control of your weight-watching mission for 2021. 

Zandu Punarnava (60 caps) is an effective Ayurvedic medicine aiding in weight loss. Punarnava’ exhibits diuretic properties leading to improved performance of the kidney and urinary bladder, thereby flushing out toxins from the body while maintaining vital nutrients and minerals in the body. It also helps to control digestive problems like constipation and thus, healthily helps in weight loss.

Zandu Vrikshamla (60 caps) is formulated with 100% pure extracts of Garcinia Cambogia for natural weight loss. It supports digestive health and keeps your weight in check by reducing craving toward unhealthy food. It also helps in losing weight by preventing the accumulation of excess fat and gives a feeling of satiety.

Zandu Haridra (60 caps) or Turmeric capsule comprises chemical constituents like curcumin that have the ability to attach to fat cells and reduce the corresponding cells. Haldi also has an inert ability to boost our body mechanisms naturally.

Zandu Lean & Slim (60 caps) is made from a unique blend of selected fat burner herbs with natural appetite suppressant and body metabolism enhancer properties. It contains Garcinia, Vidanga, Meshshringi, Trikatu (Sunthi, marich and pippali) in proper proportion to aid in weight management. 

Proper weight management is about adopting methods that offer gradual, lasting results, instead of quick results that bounce back. With the correct outlook, gradual weight loss is the right approach so that the weight stays away and keeps you perfectly in shape.


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