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Aids In Weight Loss Naturally | Boosts Metabolism
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Are you struggling with weight management? Try Zandu Lean & Slim capsules. It is enriched with the goodness of Garcinia and 5 potent herbs to increase your metabolism and aid in weight loss naturally. Zandu Lean & Slim capsule is a fat burner supplement that helps to suppress heavy appetite, burn more calories and lose weight.

How to Use Zandu Lean & Slim?

Take 1-2 Capsules, twice a day or as directed by the physician.


Best before 24 months from manufacturing date


Zandu Lean & Slim is made from a unique blend of selected fat burner herbs with natural appetite suppressant and body metabolism enhancer properties.

Zandu Lean & Slim capsule contains Garcinia, Vidanga, Meshshringi, Trikatu (Sunthi, marich and pippali) in proper proportion to aid in weight management. Published scientific data shows Garcinia is useful in managing weight.

Garcinia helps to suppress pseudo (unusual) appetite and lowers fat deposition in the body. Daily consumption of these super herbs in its purest form helps you to lose weight naturally. To help you look after your daily health needs conveniently, we bring you Zandu Lean & Slim Capsules.

Uses and Benefits of Zandu Lean & Slim:

  • Boosts Metabolism: Herbs present in Zandu Lean & Slim capsule helps boost metabolism naturally for a healthy life.
  • Acts as Fat Burner: Regular consumption of Lean & Slim capsule helps you to maintain healthy weight.
  • Aids in Digestion: It is enriched with the Ayurvedic ingredients that help to enhance digestion and support healthy digestive system.
  • Prevents weight gain: Zandu Lean and Slim capsule when taken in a prescribed dose helps you to prevent further weight gain.

How to Use Zandu Lean & Slim?

  • 1-2 Capsules twice a day
  • Use as directed by a physician

Storage Information for Zandu Lean & Slim
Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Replace cap tightly after every use.

Ingredients Information

  • Garcinia & Vidanga – Boosts weight loss
  • Trikatu & Mesashringi – Increase Metabolism
  • Maricha& Vidanga - Decreases fat deposition

What makes Lean & Slim Capsules special?

  • We follow Minimal Processing
Ayurvedic herbs are fragile and perishable. Therefore, they cannot be processed beyond a certain point. This is why we follow minimal processing to keep their potency intact.
  • Pure & unadulterated
Every capsule is packed with 100% natural extracts of herbs in its original, unaltered, natural composition without any added flavors, sugars and preservatives.
  • GMP Certified premise
All our products are manufactured at GMP-certified advanced manufacturing facilities under the careful supervision of qualified and trained staff.

Frequently Asked Questions around Zandu Lean & Slim

Do fat burners really work?

The fat burner capsules, may help in reducing deposition of extra fat, boosting metabolism and managing healthy weight.

What are the uses/benefits of Zandu Lean & Slim?

Zandu Lean & Slim capsule contains Ayurvedic herbs like Garcinia, Vidanga, Trikatu & Mesashringi that helps in increasing metabolism and managing healthy weight. Ayurvedic Herbs like Garcinia & Vidanga helps in preventing weight gain thereby, helping to lead a healthy life.

Is Zandu Lean & Slim safe?

Herbs from the Zandu Lean & Slim capsule have been used since ancient times without any safety concern in prescribed dose.

How can I burn fat with Zandu lean and slim?

Zandu Lean & Slim Capsule contains selected herbs that are useful in boosting metabolism and managing weight. It contains herbs like Garcinia & Vidanga that helps manage weight and Trikatu & Meshringi that helps increase Metabolism. Regular consumption of this capsule in prescribed doses and directions can help in weight management.