Every student aims to do well in school. That will help them recall all crucial information and stay well-organized. It will also help them greatly in their career and life. But to perform well in school, it’s important to have a good memory.

As an adult, you already have all the skills and knowledge to function each day. But at times, you need to keep yourself updated with things based on areas like technology because they change constantly. For students, it’s completely different.

They are always bombarded with a high level of knowledge every day on various topics. Due to such reasons, having a good memory can help students greatly. So, how to increase memory power? Let’s find out through this post.

Boosting the Memories in Students: How to Do So?

All students who wish to give a boost to their memory power need to follow several strategies and techniques to get it done. Some of them are:

Utilize the Power of Mnemonic Rhymes

Experts have pointed out that “Mnemonic Rhymes” is an excellent option for improving memory. It’s known as the practice of conveying rhymes or words to epitomize information. When making a rhyme that you keep on singing or singing will help enhance the memory. This will be done through auditory stimuli.

These rhymes can easily match up all the information that contains some main points. It does so with the help of words, which sounds pretty similar to one another. For instance, many individuals try to remember “I” and “E” for vowels and spelling by following this rhyme:

“I before E except after the C, or when it sounds like A, just like in neighbour and weigh.”

Using the Memory Tree Method

Another great way on how to improve memory power in students is through the “Memory Tree Method.” The memory tree technique, also known as “chunking,” is a way to branch or classify all things into several groups.

For instance, when you want to remember something, such as dates or events, try to memorize them through the memory tree method.

To start, use the primary branches first and add all the leaves. Make sure to label all the branches and leaves so that it sounds pretty meaningful. You also need to keep the leaves or facts properly organized.

For instance, you can remember the numbers 666,444 in the form of “666” and “444”. That way, you don’t have to recollect them as long strings of numbers or single numbers. When you store all the chunk data in your brand, it will become easier to obtain information. It’s because that branching method creates a logical filing method in the brain.

Improve the Sleep

improve sleep

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Lack of sleep or not sleeping properly can negatively impact countless cognitive abilities. This also includes memory. You should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours or at least 6 hours to improve memory formation.

Doing so can help you learn vital skills and will also help you recollect some crucial information. When you sleep, the brain reorganizes all your memories and then builds much stronger connections between them when you’re in a deep sleep.

This is also the time when the brain starts to connect all the newly gained information with the current one. This enables students to be more creative when conducting activities at school or during competitions or events.

Consuming Healthy Food Products

If you wish to know how to improve memory in students by food, healthy food products are the best options. Some of the best food items to enhance memory are:

  • Olive Oil
  • Whole Grains
  • Oysters
  • Fish
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Blueberries
  • Green Tea
  • Walnuts

Students can also opt for “dark chocolate” because it contains less sugar and will improve brain function greatly. Students can also consume Brahmi leaves as it will improve the memory section of the brain.

It can also improve focus and concentration along with the brain’s cognitive functions and strengthen a student’s intellect. To know how to eat Brahmi leaves for memory, you need to take a dose of 300 grams regularly with milk or water. You will surely see an improvement in cognitive functions greatly.

Studying in Different Places


Image source: Photo by Craig Adderley: pexels

By now, you already know how the Brahmi for memory can help students greatly. But do you know students who study in different locations will see an improvement in their memory? Well, they will surely do.

Studying from one single location will surely help students study effectively as they associate with learning from one place. But experts say that it will not work all time. In a 1978 experiment, college students were provided with around 40 words to memorize by psychologists.

These students memorized all these words in two different places/rooms. One room did not have any windows, and the other one had a window that displayed a beautiful view. All students did much better during the test when compared to the other students who also studied the same words twice within the same room.

The experiment will give you the idea that studying the same type of thing and also in a different setting will enable the brain to create countless associations with a material. In simple words, due to the different locations, the brain creates a “Mental Scaffolding.” This is the place where you can store all the new material.

This can be extremely beneficial for the students if they study in different locations. They can complete some of their studies in school, some at the library, and some at home or at your relative’s home.

Draw Diagrams and Tables

The techniques, such as Brahmi benefits, the memory tree method, etc., will certainly help in improving the memory of students. But presenting all the newly obtained information on mind maps, diagrams, and even tables can enhance memory as well.

For instance, students can create a diagram to explain the amount of the evaporation cycle. Otherwise, they can use a Venn diagram to compare the features of old and new vehicles. Students can also try creating a mind map to explain the causes of the French Revolution.

Using mind maps, diagrams and tables will help students remember all the concepts and information quickly when compared to memorizing a chunk of information.

Visualize Things

Students can try to picture themselves doing things that they wish to remember. They can take the help of a chart that will let them know about all the crucial erudition. Students can organize all the concepts and topics with different shades.

For instance, students can use a blue highlighter to mark important historical dates and a pink highlighter to mark improvement in historical events. This will certainly help the brain greatly to recall all the information.

Students can also conduct visualization by connecting data with memorable things in school, home, a relative’s home, or any other familiar location.

Jot Down All the Information

writing information

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Living in the digital era has provided students with all the digital tools they need to help with note-taking and writing. But writing down information on paper is a lot better as it will help the brain to collect all the data instantly.

Students can remember all the vital pieces of information without much hassle. This technique will surely help when preparing for examinations or tests. Going through all the written notes will aid in long-term memory retention.

So, when you take part in a professional development or a class, make sure to carry a notebook or notepad to jot down all the information. You can do the same when attending classes online.

Try to Practice Meditation

Many of the students have provided evidence that meditation can lead to memory improvement, not just in adults but also in students. That’s why it’s crucial to practice mindfulness by avoiding all thoughts and concentrating on all those things that will keep the brain in great condition.

If you don’t like sitting in place for several hours pretty difficult or challenging, you can go for a walk or just sit at a location with peaceful surroundings. When you keep yourself closer to nature, you will see an improvement when focusing on things and calm yourself down.

Play Some Brain Games

Brain games are some of the best ways to improve memory. As a student, you have to focus on various subjects and topics. To make sure you get to remember them, your memory power needs to be extremely strong.

So, you can try playing some logic games or puzzles that will exercise your brain greatly. It will also keep the brain active as you try to solve things. You can also try out the “Hidden Object” games or the “Escape Room” games, where you have to use clues to solve riddles.

You will find many applications and websites that can provide you with some fun puzzle and riddle games. Some of these games come with unique themes and animations that will keep you engaged for a long time.

Read All the Hard-to-Read Fonts

hard to read fonts

Image source: Photo by RODNAE Productions: pexels

 Researchers from two prestigious institutes, Indiana University and Princeton University, found a unique effect. These researchers believe that it will be much easier to remember all the test subjects when the data is presented in the form of “hard-to-read fonts.”

One thing about all these hard-to-read fonts like “Comic Sans MS” is that you have to think twice right before you read them properly. This is compared to “Arial,” which is an easy-to-read font.

But there is also a limit to this type of effect. It’s mainly because the font becomes pretty difficult to read, and the advantage of recalling all the information starts to fade.

Conduct Interleaving

Do you know what interleaving is? Well, it’s a method of alternating or combining the concepts or skills which you can memorize.

For instance, try spending some time memorizing all the information for the Geography class and then instantly switch to learning dates and events for the History class.

After that, you can follow it up by studying several chapters of English and then go back to all the definitions in Science. Yes, this process might look pretty confusing to you.

But it will surely provide you with some great outcomes if you follow it correctly. You don’t have to spend hours learning the same things when you can use the interleaving method.


This post certainly contains many techniques and strategies that can help you improve your memory. But that does not mean you have to use all of them. You can go through all of the techniques and then opt for the one that you believe will help with memory improvement.

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