How to use acupressure for back pain?

Most times, we are driven by the idea of relying on medications to ease our health conditions. For back pain, too, we tend to fall back on over-the-counter medications. But they come with side effects, and consuming too much of them can be harmful. This means medications and drugs can only help alleviate the pain to a certain degree. 

At this point, rooting for natural remedies becomes indispensable. Acupressure for back pain is one such natural treatment. It is a fairly useful alternative to medications and drugs with no side effects. The technique can help recede your pain exponentially, eventually easing the discomfort. In this process, it stands out as a promising substitute for healing. 

Acupressure for back pain involves a system. Anyone looking to derive its merits must be well-acquainted with the diverse pressure points of the body. This is essential to practice the technique correctly without leaving any room for confusion. For this purpose, certain experts and acupressure machines can also help greatly. 

The Wonders Of Acupressure For Back Pain 

Acupressure for back pain

The power of acupressure is not limited to relieving pain. Apparently, it is a traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on the removal of stress and anxiety and alleviating pain. It may also help relax the body in the process and rejuvenate the natural energy in you. 

Most people are in the belief that acupressure for back pain involves the use of needles to poke pressure points. To clear the air, this is a myth. The method uses the pressure point system of your body to help relax muscle spasms and improve blood circulation. It may also foster the reduction of inflammation and improve overall health greatly. 

How Does Back Pain Acupressure Work?

Back pain acupressure

According to research, the human body constitutes 350 acupressure points. These can be found across the energy pathways that are also known as meridians. When pressure is exerted on these points, they can encourage vital energy that stimulates diverse organs of your body. Similarly, when back pain acupressure is exerted, it targets the specific pressure points that can help release relaxation for your back pain. 

This implies that acupressure uses the physical pressure of fingers to aim the clearance of certain blockages around the body. This helps nourish the body, correct certain functional imbalances and bring back the natural flow. Eventually, your body returns to its healthy and normal state. That is why acupressure points for back pain are necessary to understand. 

The Basic Principles of Acupressure For Back Pain

Acupressure for back pain

The different acupressure points of your body require different finger movements for comfort and relaxation. Throughout the acupressure session, these finger movements are made gradually across the patient’s body to alleviate the pain and restore the natural flow of the body. Thus, the body feels it is charged again to fight back and use its own healing energy. 

People with joint pain, back pain, and even migraines can find immense relief with the help of acupressure. Stiffness, anxiety, headaches, and acidity can also be fought off using this technique timely. Back pain acupressure must also be practiced regularly for sound benefits.

How To Use Acupressure For Back Pain?

1. Lower Back Points

lower back points - Acupressure for back pain

For people with back pain, the acupressure point for the lower back resides in the spine. It is known as the sea of vitality. The most accurate point of acupressure for them is between the second and third vertebrae. If the right pressure is exerted on this area from time to time, it can effectively combat Sciatica, aches, and fatigue. 

However, it is prudent to note that patients with a vulnerable back must consult their health experts before any acupressure is performed on them. This is because it is prudent to avoid them on patients who have weak backs, as it can elevate their pain. 

2. Foot Points

Foot point - acupressure for back pain

Did you know that certain acupressure points for back pain are also located in the foot? Generally, the foot points when you are sleeping and sitting are the two important acupressure points for pain in the back. In the sleeping posture, the footpoint resides amidst your first toe and the big toe. 

While sitting, the same is located amidst the bottom region of your foot. That is why the right pressure must be applied to these areas from time to time. Whether you are suffering from back stiffening or backache, foot points can help subside them all. 

3. Stomach Point 

Stomach point - acupressure for back pain

The sea of energy point or the navel is where the stomach point nestles itself. Inserting two fingers inside your belly button will help you realize that the acupressure points there are quite strong. This is because the navel area stimulates a very strong sense of relaxation immediately as you insert two fingers to push the acupressure points there. 

Exerting the right pressure points can be highly beneficial in the reduction of lower back pain. It may also help build better ab muscles on time. This is how to use acupressure for back pain using the stomach point. 

4. Hip-bone Points

Hip bone point - acupressure for back pain

For people suffering from pelvic problems and hip-related pain, hip-bone points can help drastically. In technical terms, they are referred to as vitals and wombs. These points reside amidst the buttocks base and top of the hip bone. So, when you exert pressure on these points, you can get rid of pain almost immediately. That is why you can also use them for acupressure points for back pain relief. 

However, please consult your healthcare provider before you start with the acupressure technique here. It is best to do this under the right medical surveillance. 

5. Knee Back Points 

Knee back points - acupressure for back pain

The back of the knee is also a potential acupressure point with the utmost benefits. When the knee points are utilized accurately, they can be helpful for avoiding stiffness and reducing back pain successfully. The backside of the knee cap is where this pressure point is located. It goes by the name commanding middle. 

If you want to practice acupressure here, it is important to exert pressure on the center. You must also exert pressure at the back of your knee that can directly help you get rid of back pain on time. It can also help with Sciatica, arthritis, and stiffened back. So, this is how to use acupressure for back pain on time. 

6. Hand Pressure Point 

Hand pressure point

The area amidst your index finger and thumb are the hand acupressure points. So, whether you are suffering from neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain, these hand pressure points can help subside the pain. Acupressure points for back pain using these pressure points can help exponentially, too, when performed timely. 

Another great hand acupressure point would be the region between the fourth finger of your hands and the pinky finger. These points can also be exceptionally useful in reducing back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain, respectively. 

How To Massage Your Back The Right Way?

Back massage for back pain relief

Certain acupressure points can be easy to perform at home. In fact, it will be easy for you to perform them on your own. However, for others, you may face hindrances trying to reach out to the points accurately. During such times, it is best to either seek assistance from a potential acupressure expert or a gentle helping hand at home. 

As soon as you reach your acupressure point, exert the pressure of your thumbs to press down strongly but gently. Keep doing this until you can sense a tingling sensation. You must also be able to feel the pressure comfortably on you. It must relax the part of the body that is being massaged at that point. That is how you can use the right acupressure points for back pain

Make sure you use this pressure to massage the acupressure points at least five times. This will bring relief to your body immediately after the massage. Keep in mind that you may have to experiment with diverse acupressure points to understand what works best for you. Massaging the points in circular order will help bring the results to you right on time. So, follow the pace correctly. 

Main Acupressure Tools For Your Back

Acupressure tools

Certain acupressure tools can be very useful in bringing success to your acupressure massage for back pain. A durable acupressure mat can be of prime importance for this purpose. An acupressure cushion and back belt can also work wonders for this purpose. So, if you are suffering from chronic back pain, having these tools readily available can allow you to experience a successful acupressure session with minimal discomfort. The results will also be faster than ever. Try it out now!

Winding Up!

Acupressure for back pain is a natural treatment. It involves no medication, drugs, or chemicals. This is why it hardly leaves any side effects on your body. In fact, you can perform them as many times as you want to gain the benefits properly. However, massaging the regions of acupressure with Ayurvedic pain relief can bring better results. You can purchase them from at your leisure.


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