Copper Bottle Vs Stainless Steel

It is imperative to consume sufficient water regularly so that you can stay refreshed and healthy. While technology has undergone massive advancements, clean or filtered water is readily available in almost every corner of the world. Most of us tend to store water in plastic bottles, stainless steel flasks, and glass bottles.

But do you know that you are unknowingly consuming loads of harmful chemicals and particles even though the water is clean? Well, these chemical particles are probably a part of the containers where you store your filtered water.

While most of us have to travel regularly, we mostly rely on disposable water bottles. But considering the potential environmental and health risks associated with these bottles, it’s recommended not to use them. Nevertheless, permanent yet healthy reusable bottles are always a better option.

As there are various materials for water bottles available in the market, you might get confused with the choices. That’s why we have picked out the best material for water bottles and thoroughly distinguished copper vs stainless steel water bottles. Please stay tuned until the end of the article and learn which quality of water bottle is best for your health.

Come, let’s dive in!

Overview of Stainless Steel Water Bottle

stainless steel bottle

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Stainless steel is an immensely popular metal used to make drinkware and water storage vessels. In fact, glasses, pitchers, and water bottles are quite fancy, which almost everyone carries whenever they travel. So, if you are looking forward to a sustainable and long-lasting water storage option, then you can choose stainless steel.

This metal is generally free from BPA and can last significantly longer. Above all, stainless steel doesn’t wear away and is 100% unbreakable. This means you can use it for a lifetime and will also not contribute to environmental pollution.

Overview of Copper Water Bottles

copper utensil

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Copper is another important metal that has been used for making ayurvedic utensils since the ancient past. This metal is a remarkable option for water storage utensils since it possesses oligodynamic properties. And these have proven to be fatal to all the bacteria and viruses that are present in the water.

When you store water in copper vessels for a long time, the extremely tiny copper particles leach into the water. Thus, the water becomes infused with all the properties of copper. This water comprises both healing and preventive properties, which help in preventing a plethora of health conditions.

You should note that the copper water bottle benefits are endless, as it’s just not a sustainable but harmless material too. In fact, copper also adds loads of health benefits to your drinking water, thereby making it the perfect choice. Team Zandu also listed difference between copper vs glass bottle & copper bottle benefit for weight loss.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Water Bottles

stainless steel bottle

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The growing concern for the environment has deliberately led to the return of sustainable materials over disposable ones. Thus, stainless steel bottles have been ruling our shelves for quite some time now. And consuming water from stainless steel bottles is probably a smart addition to the anti-inflammatory lifestyle and food plan.

But are stainless steel water bottles truly beneficial? Well, to determine the same, we have made a comprehensive listing of the pros and cons of stainless steel water bottles:

Advantages of Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Some of the pros of stainless steel water bottles are:

  • They are safe to drink from and are also free from Phthalate and BPA.
  • They are extremely easy to wash and might sometimes require higher temperatures for cleansing.
  • These are extremely lightweight and can be easily transported through airways.
  • They are extremely stylish and can be easily recycled as and when required.
  • These can easily store both hot and cold liquids.

Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Some of the cons of stainless steel water bottles are:

  • These bottles can sometimes transfer their metallic taste to the water.
  • They can sometimes develop dents when they are dropped.
  • Sometimes the paint on the stainless steel water bottles might peel off from the exterior.
  • The water inside the stainless steel bottle tends to become hotter when exposed to hot weather.
  • The metal of the stainless steel water bottles is typically lined with a resin lining and leach BPA. It is highly recommended not to purchase a bottle with a coloured lining of any kind.

In the following section, we will quickly look into the benefits of drinking water from copper vessels.

Advantages of Copper Water Bottles

copper bottle

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If we look back in time, then we can clearly see that copper was the first element known to mankind. In fact, the stone age people gradually progressed towards the chalcolithic era and started using weapons made of copper. Also, several ayurvedic texts have mentioned that storing drinking water in copper vessels has remarkable effects.

It has been scientifically proven that copper is the only metal that comprises antibacterial properties. With the rise of ayurvedic usage, the use of copper products in household items has also increased deliberately.

That’s why we have listed some of the compelling health benefits of drinking water in copper bottles. Read them until the end to make an informed decision and switch to copper bottles.

1. Reduces Hypertension

The American Cancer Society suggests that copper can deliberately reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels. If the copper deficiency is not corrected at the early stage, it can automatically lead to hypotension. But if you suffer from copper deficiency when you are an adult, you are likely to develop hypertension.

So copper traces are crucial for regulating blood pressure in all patients.

2. Helps in Fighting Cancer

Copper is an immensely popular antioxidant that can deliberately fight off all free radicals. Besides, it can also negate the negative effects of cancer. Copper also promotes the production of melanin, which gives colour to your skin, hair, and eyes. In fact, it also protects completely from the sun's harmful UV rays, thereby preventing hyperpigmentation.

3. Cures Anaemia

Copper provides great assistance in the breakdown of food, which helps in formulating haemoglobin. Thus it provides aid to the body in absorbing iron, thereby preventing anaemia. When there is a deficiency of copper in the human body, it can eventually lead to rare haematological disorders. And this typically results in significantly low white blood cells.

4. Improves the Functioning of the Thyroid Gland

Thyroid Gland

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Copper deliberately helps in balancing the inconsistencies of the thyroid gland. In other words, it energises the thyroid gland to function well and combats all the damaging effects. Which means it prevents the thyroid gland from secreting excessively.

However, a lack of copper typically leads to the malfunction of thyroid glands. Furthermore, it promotes hypothyroidism among patients.

5. Prevents Infection

Copper works as a natural antibiotic. So, when water is stored in copper vessels for a significantly long time, it becomes free from all microbes. In fact, copper is highly effective against S. aureus, E.Coli, Cholera Bacillus, and several other waterborne viruses and bacteria.

6. Cures Inflamed Joints and Arthritis

Copper has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties that relieve all patients suffering from arthritis. In fact, the bone-strengthening properties of copper perfectly cure arthritis.

7. Prevents Stroke

The anti-convulsive properties of copper can help in preventing seizures. But when there is a lack of copper, it enables the oxidants to function faster and work better. And that’s how it increases the risk of stroke majorly among cardiac patients.

Copper vs Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Which is Better?

copper jug

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If we compare stainless steel vs copper water bottles to find the better option, then greater votes would go to copper. It’s because copper helps in preserving the minerals of your drinking. Furthermore, the copper vessels also add healthy metallic nutrients to the water by supercharging it with ions.

In earlier days, water was commonly stored in copper containers in order to leverage its health benefits. And even today, the remarkable health benefits have not ceased to exist. Thus, we can rightfully state that copper bottles are always better than stainless steel ones.

Conclusion - Get a Copper Bottle from Zandu Care

That’s all, folks! From this article on copper water bottle benefits vs stainless steel, you will already know that copper bottles are better. In fact, copper is one crucial mineral that benefits your overall health. Since it cannot be consumed directly, other means of consumption, like water containers, have been introduced.

You can consider discarding all the plastic and stainless steel water bottles and start using copper bottles. The Zandu Copper Bottle has been made exquisitely so that you incorporate the consumption of copper into your daily routine. This will help you eliminate toxins from your body and improve your immunity, digestion, and metabolism. In addtion, you should also clean your bottle regularly read an article here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get copper bottles from Zandu Care today and start living a happy, healthy life!


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