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Seasonal changes and allergies often lead to coughing, causing discomfort while breathing. This may also result in symptoms such as a stuffed nose, sore throat, corky voice, and difficulty breathing. While cough syrups are a common cure, they can also cause drowsiness.

In today's world, finding a natural and effective solution without side effects can be challenging. Ayurvedic cough syrups have been proven to be the ideal solution for this problem.

List of 7 Best Ayurvedic Cough Syrups Brands

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Ayurveda is an ancient medicine system in India known for curing many diseases naturally. Also, this system originated 3000 years ago and used extracts of medicinal plants for treatment. And ayurvedic cough syrups are also proven to cure cough efficiently.

Therefore, the ingredients and benefits of the best Ayurvedic syrups in India are mentioned below for you to make a well-informed choice.

1. Zandu Ayurvedic Cough Syrup

Zandu cough syrup contains 16 natural herbs to cure cough and provide long-lasting relief from all coughs. Its non-drowsy property can provide instant relief without making you lazy or nauseous. Also, the best part is that it has no artificial colors or chemicals. Thus, if you are looking for a syrup that provides relief from the discomfort of a cough without making you feel tired or sleepy, our ayurvedic  cough syrup is a great option.

 Key Features:

  • It has¬†anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing throat soreness.
  • One of the¬†major¬†components¬†of cough syrup, Madhu helps in relieving discomfort and Irritation in the throat.


    • This Ayurvedic cough syrup can enhance the wellness of the immune system and provide immediate relief from a cough.
    • It reduces the effect of cracking the voice and encourages respiratory health.
    • Zandu cough syrup has non-drowsy properties, which makes it more popular among people.
    • Why you should choose the Zandu Ayurvedic cough syrup?

    Zandu Ayurvedic Cough Syrup is an excellent choice when relieving a persistent cough. Its powerful blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs that have been trusted for centuries to address cough and throat irritation is what sets it apart.

    With Zandu Ayurvedic Cough Syrup, you can expect a natural and effective solution that not only soothes your throat but also helps to alleviate cough symptoms. The unique formulation of this syrup works synergistically to provide quick relief without any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.

    By choosing Ayurvedic Cough Syrup, you're opting for a tried-and-tested solution rooted in ancient wisdom that understands and tackles the complexities of coughs effectively. Say goodbye to troublesome coughs and embrace the natural goodness of Zandu Ayurvedic Cough Syrup for a soothing and comforting experience.

     2. Kasanil D.S. Cough Syrup

    Another effective cough syrup is Kasanil, which combines various herbal and natural formulations, including seeds, extracts, and more. This cough syrup helps to prevent dryness in the throat and is primarily composed of tulsi and honey. It is also believed to cure stuffed, runny nose, cold, and other cough-related problems.

     Key Ingredients:

    • It has Tulsi in it which helps remove toxins from the body and cures sore throat.
    • Has anti-microbial properties which prevents the bacteria that¬†cause throat infection.
    • Removes mucus and provides relief from nasal congestion.
    • This Ayurvedic medicine for cough provides relief from sore throat.
    • It promotes a healthy immune system because of its antibacterial properties.
    • Another important pro of this cough syrup is eliminating blood toxins and lung pollutants.

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         3. Honitus Herbal Cough Syrup


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        This herbal cough syrup can treat cough without any adverse side effects. It is combined with several natural herbs, like tulsi, mulethi, and banaphsa, free from artificial colors and chemicals. Also, it is proven to treat acute cough problems efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, it can be an aid to your dry cough.

         Key Features:

        • Its expectorant properties help to clear lungs by losing out phlegm.
        • Expectorant properties of sunthi and banaphsa enhance fast recovery and promote immune system wellness.
        • Consists of Mulethi which helps in enhancing the immune system.
        • Honitus cough syrup is an effective remedy for cough and cold.
        • Another benefit of this herbal cough syrup is that it relieves sore throat and congested airways.
        • It is proven to effectively control the Irritation and discomfort of the throat and loosen out phlegm.

        4. Tus Relief Syrup

        This cough syrup is a great suppressant that raises the body's immune system. Additionally, it is another great aid if you are also facing the problem of a dry cough or sore throat. Unlike the other commercial medicines for cough, this syrup has a non-drowsy property and provides relief from cough through its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

         Key Features:

        • Has healing properties to cure a cold, sinusitis, and other respiratory issues.
        • Its antibacterial and antitussive properties¬†reduce cough and cold symptoms.
        • This syrup¬†consists of Banaphsa herb which reduces the hoarseness in the voice.


        • ¬†Another beneficial property of this cough syrup is it offers relief from nasal congestion and flu.
        • Also, it is effective for the conditions like asthma and other respiratory-related issues.
        • Anardana, one of the key ingredients of this cough syrup, contains astringents, which relieve throat swelling.

         5. Hani-Kas Cough Syrup

        This Ayurvedic cough syrup is enriched with many natural herbs which are proven beneficial for the upper respiratory system and throat infections. It has an instant soothing effect that provides comfort and reduces coughing. And it comes from a blend of the finest natural herbs, thereby being free from side effects.

         Key Features:

        • Boosts the immune system and has properties to treat respiratory tract infections.
        • It consist of Bansa which shows the property to cure diseases arising from Kapha and Pitta.
        • Amaltas in the syrup is an effective herb to fight against cough and cold.


        • This is effective in treating cough and cold.
        • Besides cough and cold, it is also proven to treat chronic fever.
        • Hani-kas also have anti-viral and anti-asthmatic properties, which are very effective in curing respiratory problems

         6. Kuka Cough Syrups

        This is one of the best remedies for cough because of its active ingredients, tulsi and pippli. It works against daily cough and is composed of all-natural medicinal plants, thereby having no negative effect on the body unlike other commercial medicines available. This ayurvedic remedy uses highly botanical or mineral substances to provide relief.

         Key Features:

        • These¬†medicinal plants have¬†Kapha balancing properties.
        • Tulsi has anti-microbial and antitussive(cough relieving properties).
        • It¬†consists of Vasaka which is a natural herb with anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic properties.


        • ¬†Kuka cough syrup is another important cough syrup in this list of best cough syrups in India, as it can be your day and night solution by calming the dry, fitful cough without making you feel drowsy.
        • Sat pudina, one of its vital ingredients, acts as a cooling agent to relieve the congested nose.

         7. Kasni Cough Syrup

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        Maharishi Ayurveda Kasni syrup is created to fight dry cough; because of its expectorant properties, it helps to clear the airways or respiratory tracts and relieves breathing issues during cough.

        Hence if you are looking for Ayurvedic medicine for dry cough or suffering from allergies like laryngitis, Kasni cough syrup is another great option that you can opt for. This syrup can fight against allergies to bronchitis or larynx. Moreover, it soothes the vata and eliminates the Kapha dosha.

         Key Ingredients

        • It has an antitussive (cough relieving properties).
        • It is packed with antioxidants that prevent cell damage.
        • Has soothing properties to relieve the throat.


        • Kasni relieves tonsillitis and sore throat.
        • Like most cough syrup, it also has non-drowsy properties, which help to keep you active¬†all-day


        If you're looking for the cough syrup to soothe your throat in India, these seven options stand out. From Zandu to other reputable brands, these products harness the power of Ayurvedic herbs to provide effective relief from cough and throat irritation.

        With their natural formulations and time-tested ingredients, these cough syrups offer a gentle yet potent solution without the use of harsh chemicals.

        Whether you prefer a syrup infused with honey, tulsi, or other traditional herbs, these syrups are designed to address your cough symptoms and restore comfort to your throat.

        Choose the one that suits your preferences and experience the benefits of Ayurveda in soothing your throat naturally.


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