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Zandu Snez-Cure offers an effective and unique Ayurvedic formulation that proves helpful as a potent remedy for Allergic Rhinitis. It is known to provide relief from various allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes within 5 minutes of use. One of the main benefits of using the product is that it is non-sedative, i.e., it doesn’t induce drowsiness.

The infusion of numerous herbal and natural ingredients, including Haritaki, Pippali, Amalaki, Sunthi, Maricha, Vibhitaki, Punarnava, Mandoor Bhasma, makes it perfect for individuals suffering from allergic symptoms and looking for instant relief.

  • Item Form: Powder
  • Net Quantity: 18g (6*3)
  • Flavour: Unflavoured
  • Key Benefits: Relieves Allergic Rhinitis
  • Number of Items: 3
  • Dosage: Take 2-3 sachet daily by placing the powder on the tongue and dissolving it with saliva.
  • Expire details: Best before 24 months.
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Diet Type: Vegetarian

Zandu Snez Cure Benefits

Zandu Snez Cure retains a plethora of benefits as it instantly relieves all the symptoms associated with Allergic Rhinitis from the first use. The action starts within 5 minutes, providing relief from inflammation of the nasal passages, which results from allergic reactions from various substances. Here are the key benefits that Zandu Snez Cure offers.

Natural Remedy for Allergic Rhinitis

The product, using all herbal and Ayurvedic ingredients, offers a natural remedy for all the various symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis. Allergic Rhinitis is a condition that is caused due to the inflammation of the nasal passage from an allergic reaction to specific substances such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander, among many more.

These conditions are addressed by the product effectively with the help of ingredients that are considered to be effective in the world of Ayurveda.

Offers Instant Relief

Another benefit of using Zandu Snex Cure is that it offers relief from all the inflammatory symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis within only five minutes of the first use. This quick onset of relief proves to be appealing to people who experience discomfort from the symptoms of the allergy.


Some medications for allergy act as sedation or induce drowsiness. This side effect is not found in Zandu Snez Cure. Therefore, it offers comfort, allowing individuals to continue with their daily activities without imposing a feeling of tiredness.

Convenient And Safe For Use

The product offers a hassle-free solution for individuals with allergic rhinitis symptoms. The product comes in powdered form in sachets and can be consumed directly and dissolved by saliva, which makes it more appealing.

Key Ingredients Of Zandu Snez Cure

  • Pippali : Pippali or long pepper promotes respiratory health by clearing congestion in nasal passages. It retains warming and stimulating properties.
  • Haritaki : Haritaki is often considered to be a natural detoxifier and supports the natural cleansing process of the body, thereby promoting healthy nasal passage.
  • Sunthi : Ginger or sunthi is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and warming properties that soothe the respiratory tract and prove effective in offering relief against congestion.
  • Vibhitaki : One of the three fruits that are known together as Triphala, it retains cleansing effect on the body and also supports respiratory health, and offers comfort against allergies. It is also a natural detoxifier.
  • Amalaki : Commonly referred to as Indian Gooseberry, it is known widely for its anti-oxidant properties. It supports the natural defense of the body and promotes overall immunity.
  • Maricha : Maricha or black pepper contains warming properties and helps in clearing congestion effectively, supporting the normal flow of mucus.

Along with all the ingredients mentioned above, the product also contains the goodness of Kulu, Punarnava, Chitraka, Trivrit, Devdaru, Indrayav, Haridra, Punarnava, Vidang, Mandoor Bhasma, and Trivrit, making it a wholesome and effective natural remedy for Allergic Rhinitis.

How to Use Zandu Snez Cure

To secure the best results from a product, it is essential to abide by the direction of use. Here are some tips on how to use Zandu Snez Cure for utmost effectiveness:

  • The dosage recommended is 2-3 sachets a day or as directed by the healthcare professional.
  • The powder should be placed on the tongue, and let the saliva dissolve it.
  • Take a glass of water once the powder has been fully dissolved.
  • Read the contents of the label carefully before use.
  • People having allergies to any of its ingredients must refrain from using the product.
  • Check the best before date and the date of manufacture before use.
  • Don’t consume the product if the product has expired.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended dosage unless advised by your healthcare professional.

How to Store Zandu Snez Cure

One of the main aspects of retaining the health benefits of any product is to ensure that it is appropriately stored following all the storage instructions. Here are some storage tips for Zandu Snez Cure that will help you to make the most out of the product and secure relief from Allergic Rhinitis whenever needed.

  • Store Zandu Snez Cure in a dry and cool place.
  • The place of storage must be out of children’s reach.
  • Keep the product away from the direct light of the sun.
  • Use one sachet at a time and consume it entirely. Don’t store half the content of the sachet.

Who Can Use Zandu Snez Cure

Zandu Snez Cure is recommended for individuals who are suffer from allergic symptoms like runny nose, frequent sneezing, and watery eyes due to contact with pollen, dust mites, or pet dander. The pure Ayurvedic herbal composition of Zandu Snez Cure offers fast relief against all the discomforting allergic symptoms within a short span of five minutes after the very first use.

The product is safe and convenient to use as it comes in sachets and can be put into the mouth wherever required. The product dissolves automatically with saliva and starts its action instantly, offering comfort to the individual.

Why Zandu Snez Cure

As a renowned Ayurvedic brand, Zandu has secured the trust of the customers with practical solutions. Zandu has entertained the trust of customers for over 100 years. The products are formulated with 100% natural and authentic ingredients, ensuring purity and effectiveness. Zandu chyawanprash ingredients include a wide range of herbs that boost immunity and help combat diseases.

Zandu Snez Cure Ingredient List

The key ingredients of Zandu Snez Cure are listed below, along with their source and benefits:

Ingredients Sourced From How it Helps?
Pippali Plant based Offers stimulating and warming properties
Haritaki Plant based Acts as a natural detoxifier and supports the body’s natural cleansing process.
Vibhitaki Plant based Supports respiratory health by promoting natural detoxification.
Sunthi Plant-based Known for anti-inflammatory properties.
Chitraka Plant based Facilitates the removal of excess mucus.
Punarnava Plant based Contributes as a potential diuretic and retains anti-inflammatory properties that maintains normal fluid balance.
Amalaki Plant based Renowned for it’s anti-oxidant properties and supports the natural defense of the body
Trivrit Natural Supports respiratory health
Devadaru Plant based Helps in easing congestion and cleanses the airways

Legal Disclaimer

It is important to note that the effectiveness of the product may vary on the basis of the unique body construction of the individual. The recommendations given in this article must not be considered to be a substitute for the remedies and guidance of a qualified medical professional.

The primary aim of this article is to deliver information. The final decision concerning the product’s use must depend solely on the customer. If any side effects are found, a medical professional should be contacted immediately.

Additional Information

  • Best Before : 24 Months
  • Product Dimensions : 12 x 10 x 9 cm
  • Manufacturer : Emami Limited., EMAMI LIMITED - Survey No. 61/2P/1-MASAT, Silvassa, D & NH (U.T)-396230(
  • Marketed or Packer by : Emami Limited. Survey No. 61/2P/1-MASAT, Silvassa, D & NH (U.T)-396230
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Net Quantity : 18g (6*3)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Zandu Snez Cure work?

Zandu Snez Cure is a 100% Ayurvedic and natural product that is formulated with effective herbal ingredients, which are known in the world of Ayurveda for offering remedies against the discomforting symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis. The product addresses the discomfort and inflammation and offers relief within five minutes. It offers a rapid response from the first use.

What are the main ingredients in Zandu Snez Cure?

The formulation of Zandu Snez Cure involves effective herbal ingredients such as Pippali, Haritaki, Kulu, Indrayav, Vidang, Mandoor Bhasma, Maricha, Vibhitaki, Sunthi, among many more, and has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to comfort the nasal passage.

Can there be any side effects of Snez Cure?

The product is considered safe for use on a regular basis. But if an individual is allergic to any of its ingredients, it would be best to seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional before use.

How to consume Snez Cure?

Zandu Snez Cure comes in sachets; take one sachet and empty the content in the munt. Let the saliva dissolve it. Take a glass of water and drink it after ensuring that the powder has been dissolved properly.

Can Zandu Snez Cure be used with other medications?

If you are under other medications, it would be best if you consult your healthcare professional before starting to use Zandu Snez Cure.

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