Sources suggest that having anything less than three bowel movements per week is a sign of constipation. This may accompany pain in the abdomen region, bloating and gas. The likelihood of constipation is also said to increase with an elevation in physical inactivity. 

The primary reason for constipation is eating foods that are difficult to digest. Even liquids, for that matter, maybe a concern. But by keeping constipation foods to avoid in mind, you can abstain from this. 

Foods To Avoid During Constipation 

1. White Rice 

white rice

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Most of us consume White rice on a regular basis at home. But during constipation, it can do more harm than good. White Rice includes germs, husk and bran. All these three elements in White rice are responsible for providing fiber and nutrients to the human body. So, when these elements are eliminated, the body hardly receives any nutrients and fiber from the White rice. This may cause constipation or make it worse. 

Such foods to avoid constipation must be substituted by Brown Rice. It can help combat any signs of constipation because the germs, bran and husk are all a part of it. They are not removed before consumption. Apart from this, Brown rice is also excellent as a whole-grain source. 

2. Red Meat 

Most healthcare experts suggest abstaining from Red Meat in our regular diet plan. This is because it can be very harmful to our heart health as well as the stomach. This is also one of those foods to avoid in constipation for relief. 

Red meat is high in fat. This is why it takes longer to digest and may be a concern when feeling constipated. It also includes tougher fiber that may not be easily digestible. The presence of iron in this food is also what adds to constipation problems. That is why doctors recommend avoiding it during constipation. 

3. White Bread 

white bread

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Pretzels, Bagels and even Crackers are some of the foods to avoid for constipation. However, White bread tops the list. White bread has a high amount of starch content in it. That is why they may worsen your constipation in no time. On the other hand, consuming Whole grains is a wise practice. The starch content is much less in it. So, opting for Whole grains over White bread is a safer choice. 

4. Alcohol

You may have heard that Alcohol, too, is very detrimental during constipation. It is not only dehydrating for the human body but also very slow to digest. In fact, did you know that Alcohol is very similar to Caffeine in terms of contributing to constipation? This is why it can soon hinder the seamless bowels and cause constipation issues to elevate. Limiting Alcohol intake may be a good practice. 

You can substitute Alcohol with other less harmful beverages during constipation. A sports drink or two may do less harm. You can also switch to drinking more glasses of water to benefit your health and derive contrary results to that of consuming Alcohol

5. Dairy Products 

dairy propducts

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Dairy products like Milk, Cheese and Yogurt may all be very harmful to your health during constipation. In fact, Ice cream is also one of those constipation foods to avoid for better health. This is because of many reasons. 

The Lactose present in dairy products often increases the chances of bloating and gas. As a result, when your digestion is hampered, you feel more constipated. That is why it is best to avoid dairy products as far as possible during constipation. This is more important to remember among children aged between 1 to 13. 

6. Chips 

Chips are fried, low in Fiber and lack many essential nutrients necessary for the human body. They may taste amazing and keep you fuller for longer, but they may soon become the main constipation foods to avoid. During constipation, they may worsen your problem and cause severe stomach ache too. 

Substituting Chips with raw vegetables is a much better option. It is crunchier and healthier and keeps you fuller for longer in a healthy style. These are the best remedies constipation foods to avoid

7. Fast Food 

fast food

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Today, fast foods are gaining massive popularity. They are ready quickly and keep you fuller for longer. But did you know that they can do more harm than most foods can? In fact, consuming fast foods regularly can be one of the main reasons why your constipation worsens over time. 

Burgers, Pizza and Nachos are some of the main fast foods out there. All of these foods may include tons of Cheese, dollops of sauce and too much fat. All of these ingredients are very hard to digest in the human body quickly, which is why feeling constipated becomes inevitable. 

Instead, try homemade burgers that include lots of vegetables and less cheese. You can add in a lot more fiber and nutrients. So, it can be one of those foods to eat to avoid constipation. You can also add Sweet Potatoes to your Burger recipes for added nutritional value. 

8. Frozen Foods 

Frozen meals that come in the form of French Fries, Hot Dogs and even Sausages may be some other constipation foods to avoid. These foods also contain a lot of fat that can be very hard to digest. The salt intake in them is also massive. Since they, too, make digestion very slow for the body, they may be important to avoid. 

You can always try and replace these food items with instant French Fries at home or homemade Sausages. These foods are healthier without any extra salt or preservatives that can hinder digestion. 

9. Chocolates 


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If you undergo Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chocolates must be eliminated from your list right away. These not only include massive amounts of fat but also slow down muscle contractions. By erasing them from your regular diet plan, you can instantly improve your constipation relief on time. Such constipation foods to avoid can be replaced by other healthier foods to lower the risk. This way, you can also lower the risks of bloating and gas on time.

10. Refined Baked Foods 

Among all other foods that may taste good but aren’t healthy for your constipation relief, refined baked goods top the list. Muffins and Pastries may all be an important part of this list. Such constipation foods to avoid may strip out the fiber completely from your diet, making your stomach upset worse. 

Try to avoid refined baked foods as much as possible. Replace them with other meals like Vegetables and fruits to reduce the risk of constipation. 

11. Bananas 


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While ripe bananas can provide relief after constipation, unripe ones may be the essential constipation foods to avoid. These under-ripe bananas contain massive amounts of starch in them. This may make them very difficult to digest. They can also be more harmful when consumed in a dehydrated state. That is why it is best to stick to the ripe ones. 

12. Chewing Gum 

Swallowing chewing gum has been known to be one of the most harmful foods. This is because it can take very long to digest, which can worsen your constipation quickly. It may cause a digestive blockage that may even cause severe stomach ache in your case. 

In case your child is under the age of 5, make sure they avoid chewing this gum at all. For them, processing this will be harder. It is best to spit the chewing gum out after chewing it for some time. Never swallow or try to digest it, as it is an important constipation food to avoid. 

13. Gluten 

We have already spoken about how Gluten can be bad for constipation. Although it is a protein, it can quickly trigger the problem in those already dealing with allergies and sensitivity of sorts. People who suffer from Celiac disease may also be at a higher risk of constipation due to the presence of Gluten in their diets. 

Gluten-free foods or products containing Gluten-free ingredients, like Pasta and Bread, may be a better alternative. You can start looking for those foods with Gluten-free labels on them. So, even if you aren’t easily affected by Gluten, it can help keep constipation at bay for you. 

In case your constipation is not relieving on its own, you can try Ayurvedic remedies, as Nityam Vati can help. It is a 100% natural product that may also help relieve stomach cramps caused due to constipation. 

Winding Up!

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