What is Diabetes?

India is globally known for its contribution in Information Technology, Space Technology, Medical Advancements. But it also holds a place in being the diabetes capital of the world. According to WHO, India harbours the fastest growing population of patients with diabetes. Currently, India represents 49% of the world’s diabetics, with nearly 72.9 million suffering from diabetes. It is estimated that by 2045, about 134.3 million people will be afflicted with diabetes.

Urbanisation, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits have all contributed to this staggering prevalence of diabetics in India. Thus, it is also termed as one of the major lifestyle diseases.

Diabetes, if not treated on time, may lead to life threatening complications such as coronary heart disease, kidney failure, neuropathies, diabetic coma and many more.

Diabetes is a disease condition in which the body is unable to effectively convert sugar (glucose) into energy. This leads to accumulation of sugar in the blood (high blood sugar).


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