Asked Questions

1. What is Immunity?

Immunity is the ability of the body to defend the body from harmful microorganisms. With a strong immune system, the chances of falling sick becomes less.

2. Why is immunity building important for children?

Children with low immunity are more vulnerable to infections hence it is important to build strong immunity during the growing age.

3. How many soft chews can be taken by kids in one day?

2 soft chews to be taken daily for 2x* immunity

4. Can adults take this product? If yes, in what dose?

Yes, adult can take 2-4 Soft chews a day.

5. Can children of any age take ImmU Soft Chews?

Children above 3 years can take Immu soft Chews

6. What if my child takes more than 2 soft chews daily?

There is no harm in taking Chews daily in prescribed dose. Excess use of Chews is not recommended

7. What are the other benefits of Soft Chews?

Immu Soft Chews is useful in protecting from frequent illness and symptoms like common cold & cough.