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Zandu Tulsi Drops (32ml) Zandu Tulsi Drops (32ml)
Zandu Tulsi Drops (32ml)

Boosts Immunity & Relieves Cold...

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Experience Zandu Ayurvedic Drops for Skin, Cold & Immunity

Harmful microbes and germs constantly encompass our bodies. Our immune system recognizes them and prevents them from entering our system. In this process, bacteria, viruses, and parasites are all identified. Thus, it becomes easier to take the right actions and restore the quality of our health. 

But when the immunity weakens, it becomes easier for these viruses, bacteria, and parasites to enter our body and cause a stir. Cold, cough, and fever are some of the most common symptoms of this. During such times, counting on an ayurvedic drop to boost immunity can be helpful. 

Apparently, there are a host of reasons why our immune system may weaken. Some of them include poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, and more. It is crucial to analyze what causes your immunity to slow down so that the right steps can be taken to empower the system all over again.

Today, in this guide, we will speak about the immune system and help you learn some Ayurvedic tips that can amplify its functions.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Drop

Did you know that there are three forms of immunity in our body? Each of them has a diverse set of benefits and functions to offer. Let’s take a look. 

1. Natural Immunity

This is the first layer of defence that combats diverse pathogens from seeping into our system. This is possible due to the protective barriers in our bodies that are: 

  • Skin that acts as a shield against a variety of pathogens.
  • Muscles that captivate these pathogens.
  • Stomach acid damages these pathogens.
  • Cells of our immunity invade the external cells that seep into our body. 
  • Enzymes that may reside in our tears and sweat are responsible for building antibacterial compounds. 

2. Adaptive Immunity

Also known as Acquired immunity, this is the type that identifies the pathogens. So, when an external force enters our body, the organs and cells responsible for this immunity build antibodies. After this, the immunity cells multiply to attack and destroy the pathogens that come to cause a health concern. 

3. Passive Immunity

This is a type of immunity that comes to us through external sources. When the body fails to create sufficient antibodies to subside the pathogens that come to cause a health concern, passive immunity can help. 

Basically, it lends the body additional immunity that helps it perform its task better. This is more common among newborn babies who receive passive immunity through their mother’s placenta

Do you have Strong Immunity?

Read below pointers to check:

1. You Don’t Fall Sick Easily 

A weak immune system can be identified by measuring the frequency of falling sick or depending on medications to recover. When the immunity is weak, you may be ill frequently and take longer than usual to recover. On the contrary, when your immunity is strong, you may be more fit. As such, the frequency of falling ill reduces drastically, and you recover faster, if at all. 

2. Your Stress Is Well-managed

Chronic stress can be a concern for your immunity. It not only results in immunity dysregulation but also suppresses our system. So, you may be more prone to certain types of infections and health ailments that can be hard to treat. 

3. No Cold Sores Anymore

Shingles and cold sores are fairly common in those experiencing low immunity. These are common ailments you may experience when you encounter a Herpes Virus. Thus, they may require medical attention accordingly. During such times, ayurvedic cough drops can be helpful for relief. 

4. Minimal Use Of Medications 

Since you fall sick less and experience health ailments at a minimum, the need to depend on medications reduces too. Ultimately, the dependency on an ayurvedic drop decreases too. 

Foods to Improve Immunity at Home

1. Garlic 

Garlic includes an active ingredient known as Allicin Sativum. This is an ingredient that contains both antimicrobial and antiviral properties to empower good health. So, it can reduce the common cold and help prevent a variety of health ailments relating to colds and coughs. It would be best to consume nasal drops, too, if you want immediate relief. 

2. Tea

For decades, people have been counting on the benefits of Tea to strengthen immunity. It can help our body to abstain from cold viruses and flu, which can weaken our immune system. So, if you come across any symptoms of a cold and cough, drinking Tea may help. 

3. Vitamin-rich Foods

Specific types of Vitamins like Vitamins A, C, D, E, and B6 are great immunity boosters. They contain antioxidant properties that can act as a shield for our healthy cells in the body. 

Apart from this, such Vitamin-rich foods can also foster the production of antibodies that can combat detrimental sources in our bodies right away. In fact, Vitamin C can also help empower good vision. You can also depend on ayurvedic eye drops to improve vision in case you face this concern. 

4. Proteins

Amino acids that come from Protein contribute to our immune system greatly. They encourage the antibodies, T cells, and even B cells that help keep the germs and pathogens at bay. This way, Proteins can prevent infection from causing a stir in our bodies. 

List of Lifestyle Habits to Boost Immunity 

1. Consume a Balanced Diet 

Healthy eating can be very productive for your immunity. By consuming a balanced diet that contains a mix of all nutrients, you can strengthen the functions of immunity right away. This means you must also be watchful of including other foods into your diet that may not be as useful for your system. 

Cutting down on dairy, sugar, and white flour and limiting saturated fats can be very resourceful. You can also consult your healthcare provider, who can design an effective nutritional guide for you as per your immunity requirements. 

2. Ayurvedic Eye Drops 

Did you know that the eyes have a special relationship with our immune system? This is known as the immunity privilege. By constraining its inflammatory reaction towards our immunity, the eyes help prevent vision concerns. 

This means the improvement of our vision is also important to ensure that our immune system remains strong. For this purpose, eye drops can be very effective. 

You can also fall back on ayurvedic eye drops for cataracts in case you may be experiencing this eye ailment. Eventually, you can see a positive difference in your immune health too. 

3. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Our bodily functions can get perturbed if we do not maintain a healthy weight. This is why individuals experiencing certain weight gain ailments are susceptible to more immune-related concerns. Including a balanced diet in your meals, managing stress effectively, and getting sufficient sleep are the easiest ways to administer a healthy weight. 

4. Quit Smoking & Drinking 

Smoking and drinking in excessive quantities have been directly associated with weak immunity for decades now. They can also make our bodies susceptible to more chronic health ailments that can be hard to treat. That is why it is cardinal to start by consuming them in moderation and later quitting them entirely to leave no room for immunity concerns. 

List of Zandu Ayurveda For Immunity (Drops)

1. Tulsi Drops 

These come in a pack of 32 ml that relieves cough and cold. They may also encourage better immunity due to the presence of natural ingredients, mainly Tulsi. You can consume these drops with a half glass of either Tea or water. Make sure you only use 5 to 10 drops. You can use the Ayurvedic drop twice daily for best results. 

2. Haldi Drops 

If you encounter any form of skin allergy, this Haldi drop can help improve skin health. It also helps with better immunity along with cold relief. So, you can use these drops twice a day by mixing nearly 5 to 10 drops each in half a glass of Tea or water. 

3. Haldi & Tulsi Drops 

This is a combination of ayurvedic drops that empowers better immunity, promotes healthy skin, and relieve cough and cold. Not only is it entirely vegetarian, but it also contains no gelatin and is scientifically tested and safe for use. But if you are in need of ayurvedic eye drops, please consult a healthcare professional accordingly. 

Winding Up!

Ayurvedic drops can be a potential go-to when you are aiming at immune system improvement. Use them as per the doses recommended on their label, or consult your medical professional before using them. The difference is likely to help you a lot. 


  • Did you know that there are three types of immunity in our body? (Better Health Gov.)
  • Including a balanced diet in your meals, managing stress effectively and getting sufficient sleep are the easiest ways to administer a healthy weight. (CDC)
  • Smoking and drinking in excessive quantities have been directly associated with weak immunity for decades now. (Harvard Health Publishing)

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