Digestive problems are varied. Gas, acidity and constipation are some of the most common digestive issues one experiences on a regular note. Apart from this, people may also suffer from bloating. All these digestive issues, when avoided on a regular note, may cause your health problems to aggravate. 

The symptoms of digestive issues vary from one person to another. However, most of them are easily treatable. If you seek the right remedies, you may be able to restore your good health and well-being on time. For this purpose, many people seek the right home remedies for the relief of digestive health. But these home remedies may not always be effective. Others may fall back on doctor-prescribed medications that may help, too, but they may also cause side effects. 

In fact, not all medications are useful for health. Some of them may even end up bringing more harm than good to your health. At this point, it becomes prudent to focus on the diverse ways you can bring immediate relief to your health without adopting too many side effects. Ayurvedic medications may be the best for this purpose. 

Zandu Pancharishta is an ayurvedic remedy and a one-stop solution to all your digestive problems. It is 100% natural, effective and safe for use. It is made of natural ingredients that soothe your digestive health and affirms relief within 30 days. Learn more about it as you read. 

Zandu Pancharishta: An Ayurvedic Remedy For All Digestive Problems 

Zandu Pancharishta is an effective ayurvedic tonic that helps heal digestive health. It is curated using the power of 35 essential herbs that promise to eliminate acidity, gas, bloating, constipation and flatulence from the body. This implies that you can say goodbye to digestive discomfort and cramps right on time. The ayurvedic remedy also promises to improve your appetite and rid your indigestion problems once and for all. 

Once you leverage the power of Zandu Pancharishta, you realize that it can successfully help eliminate most of your weak digestion issues. With the combination of herbs present in this remedy, it promises to get to the roots of your digestive health and treat it. In this process, it may also affect the pancreatic functions of your body and provide laxative action in the large intestine. 

List of Ingredients In Zandu Pancharishta 

1. Lavang 


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Cloves are very healthy for the body. Although we mostly try to abstain from them in most of our Indian meals, they are more than just good food fragrances. For starters, Lavang can help boost your immunity in no time. It can also improve digestion by enhancing digestive enzyme secretion and adding fiber to your health. Lavang may also promote liver functions as it helps detoxify the body. It also renders relief from tooth pain and ward off headache too.

2. Triphala 

Triphala is a great herbal treatment for many digestive issues. It has been in use for centuries now and continues to be an important ayurvedic medicine. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it may help prevent many chronic health problems. It may also help with weight loss and act as a natural laxative for those in need. For those suffering from constipation, Triphala can work wonders. 

Triphala may also help prevent straining during bowels and cramps. Apart from this, it is also known to relieve the body from diverse gastrointestinal disorders. For those suffering from flatulence, too, Triphala can be useful. 

3. Ajwain 


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Ajwain is most common in every Indian household. It is used as a fragrant in many Indian dishes to amplify their flavors and aromas. Thankfully, it does more than just that. Ajwain is also used for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. These help to improve digestive health by improving the stomach acid flow. It may also help eliminate the symptoms of bloating, indigestion and gas. For those trying to treat peptic ulcers, too, Ajwain can help successfully. 

Ajwain may also come to your rescue for infection prevention on time. So, one can also expect to ward off food poisoning using this ingredient in the ayurvedic remedy in the discussion.

4. Draksha 

Draksha holds a special place in the world of Ayurveda. It can help act as a wonderful laxative and prevent constipation on time. It can also boost gut health and add nutritional value to your health. Apart from this, it is also rich in antioxidants which may help it to reduce any type of cellular damage as well. This may allow it to provide protection against cell membranes from free oxidative radicals. 

Side effects are minimal. However, we recommend you get the ayurvedic solution approved by your healthcare expert before you start consuming it daily. This will help avoid any health complications, if at all. 

It provides comprehensive treatment for your digestive health. That is why if you are facing any of the symptoms we have mentioned above for you, it is best to opt for the product right away. 

Remember to follow the 30-day cycle, too, for this remedy. It will only boost your chances of better health. Revitalize your digestive well-being without going the extra mile. This ayurvedic remedy is all your health needs to make a difference. 

List of Zandu Pancharishta Benefits

1. Digestive relief For A Long Time

digestive relief

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Zandu Pancharishta syrup dives into the roots of your digestion. It pulls out all types of digestive issues with all its might to restore your good health and well-being. Thus, you are most likely to enjoy digestive relief in the long term. This implies that the symptoms of constipation, gas, bloating and other digestive problems not only take a backseat. In fact, they are entirely eliminated. 

2. Powerful Arishtas and Asav

Pancharishta includes a combination of 35 different herbs. They are a fusion of Asav and Arishtas. All of them work towards the comprehensive treatment of your digestive health and well-being. Once you start using them to your advantage, you can be sure to provide a remedy to your digestive health for a long time. 

3. Focuses On Many Symptoms 


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This ayurvedic remedy focuses not only on one of your digestive health problems but a multitude of them. Whether you are suffering from acidity, gas or constipation problems, there is a cure for all. By consuming Pancharishta too in the right dosage, you can instantly say goodbye to many digestive symptoms. Flatulence is also an important part of it. 

4. Builds Digestive Immunity 

By consuming this syrup regularly, you can instantly boost your digestive immunity on time. This means you will be in a much better state to recover from any digestive problem later if one is to occur at all. It will also help you to ward off many unwanted infections.

List of Zandu Pancharishta Uses

This digestive tonic works towards providing relief to seven different parts of our body. By eliminating digestive problems from each of these parts, it promises to offer a holistic treatment for our digestive symptoms. 

1. Salivary Glands 

In this part of the body, Pancharishta works towards improving salivation. This, in turn, helps digest food better and improves appetite as well. This also has an effect on our overall metabolism. 

2. Stomach


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It is important to digest food properly so that the digestive system can function accurately. When the stomach is able to do this successfully, the problem is half solved. With Pancharishta, it becomes an instant possibility. The ayurvedic remedy also helps manage acidity, which can automatically reduce other chest burn and nausea symptoms that may otherwise worsen our health further. 

3. Liver 

The ayurvedic remedy uses this part of the body to aid in digestion further. This is possible due to hepato-activity. So, you can be sure to enjoy better liver health in this process. 

4. Gall Bladder 

Sometimes, complications in the gallbladder can also become an integral reason for our aggravating problems relating to constipation. When the digestive food is blocked from the gallbladder, and the food cannot pass through the small intestine into the colon easily, you may experience gallstones. By using this ayurvedic remedy, you can improve the process of gallbladder contraction on time. This way, it allows better digestion without any hindrances. 

5. Pancreas 

When the pancreas fail to function properly, the risk of experiencing digestion problems may increase. If you want to eliminate this problem, consuming these ayurvedic remedies after going through the right reviews can be life-changing. This can successfully help improve your pancreatic function and aid in digestion on time. 

6. Small Intestine 

This ayurvedic remedy is packed with numerous digestive and anti-flatulence properties. These together help in improving digestive health and warding off flatulence for long. 


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7. Large Intestine 

Blockage in the large intestine may make it fairly difficult for stools to pass through seamlessly. That is why this ayurvedic solution ensures laxative action in the large intestine, which makes it easier for the stools to pass through. So, if you are suffering from constipation problems, you can find immediate relief in need. 

Zandu Pancharishta Price And Dosage 

Today, you can find this ayurvedic remedy on the online Zandu Care platform, among all others. All you must do is visit the Zandu Care website and scout for this remedy. It is available at a nominal price of Rs. 153. 

Since it is already on a discounted offer, we recommend you not to delay any further purchasing this product. However, make sure you review the product properly, as the Zandu Pancharishta price 650 ml is different. 

Experts recommend consuming this product over a 30-day cycle. The correct dosage is said to be two spoons per day of 15ml. Make sure you mix this tonic with equal amounts of water. This will help cure your digestion issues slowly but gravely. Eventually, you will experience a reduction in all types of digestive issues you may be suffering from. Constipation and bloating are the most important ones on the list. 

Also, do not forget to check for Zandu Pancharishta price 100 ml as the price may differ as per the quantity in the bottle. 

The Bottom line 

Pancharishta is a wonderful ayurvedic remedy for those looking to improve their digestive health on time. If you have wanted to test out a product that is natural, safe and effective as well, this remedy is all you need. 

Make sure you consume Zandu Pancharishta as per the correct dosage prescribed on its label. If you have any issues, you can speak to your healthcare professional immediately. Since the side effects are minimal, you need not worry about anything. 


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