When to See a Doctor about Low Energy and Stamina Levels

Fatigue is a form of exhaustion that may range from mild to severe. Generally, in this case, individuals have no energy and feel tired to perform any task. This may be followed by a lack of motivation or energy to do anything in a day. 

While bad nutrition and lack of physical activity are some of the main causes of fatigue, there can be others too. Fatigue can also be the product of mental and physical conditions that are underlying. For this purpose, it is prudent to visit a doctor. These reasons for seeing a doctor about low energy levels should not be avoided. 

Amidst all the reasons for seeing a doctor about low energy levels, fatigue might seem baseless. However, it can seriously take a toll on your health. Generally, your doctor will recommend proper exercises and good nutrition to get rid of fatigue. However, if that also fails to resolve your problem, the condition might be severe. So, let us read this full article for more information about the same

What Leads To Fatigue? 

There are many reasons for seeing a doctor about low stamina levels. However, there are three main factors that trigger fatigue-

1. Underlying Physical Health Problems

Medical Help For Low Energy

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We do not realize that some physical health issues can also result in fatigue quickly. This may be because the problems are underlying, and we are hardly able to identify the symptoms on time. Addison’s disease, Anemia, Hyperthyroidism, and sleep disorders are examples of this. 

Autoimmune disorders and cancer may also result in fatigue in the initial stages of the condition. So, watch out for this symptom. Other underlying physical health problems that may cause fatigue are- 

  • Cold and flu
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • Eating disorders
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Liver disease 
  • Kidney disease
  • Emphysema
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD)

2. Lifestyle Factors

Poor lifestyle choices can soon make you feel unhealthy. Whether it is lack of proper sleep at night, being overweight or physical exertion, all these are poor life choices. Apart from this, boredom, grief, anxiety, alcohol, and emotional stress can also actively contribute to a poor lifestyle. Here are some other lifestyle factors that result in fatigue-

  • Using illicit drugs, mainly Cocaine
  • Not consuming a wholesome diet
  • Consuming an excess amount of Caffeine
  • Taking specific medications like sedatives and antidepressants

3. Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems can also be prime reasons for seeing a doctor about low stamina levels. Yes, we frequently do not realize it, but stress can severely decrease our energy levels in the body. As the mental condition gets severe, our health deteriorates even further. As such, experiencing fatigue is common. 

Anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, and depression are some of the most common reasons for seeing a doctor about low stamina levels. If you suspect suffering from any of these mental conditions, make sure you consult the doctor immediately. You can also choose to visit your therapist and discuss the same. They will help you find the right cure on time. 

When To Seek Medical Help For Low Energy Levels?

Medical Help For Low Energy

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Irrespective of how fatigued you are feeling, if you think you have been suffering from it for a long time, you must seek medical help. This is when to seek medical help for low energy levels. Here are some of the main alerts to get medical help-

  • When you face consistent weight loss that is sudden 
  • When you feel overly sensitive to cold temperatures
  • If you are facing consistent problems in having a sound sleep at night
  • If you suspect of suffering from depression
  • If you cannot map out why you might be suffering from fatigue
  • If you have a consistently higher-than-usual temperature

When To Seek Help For Low Stamina Levels?

Generally, fatigue is a cause of worry if it has been happening to you for two weeks and more. This is when you should immediately make an appointment with your doctor. These health concerns associated with low stamina levels can severely harm you. So, make sure you seek the right aid while there is time.  

In many cases, you will experience other unusual symptoms that may increase the risk of a health condition. This is when to seek help for low stamina levels as well as to identify why these symptoms occur. 

  • Severe headache 
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Blood vomit
  • Irregularity in the heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Pain in the chest
  • A tendency you might faint
  • Acute pain in your back and shoulders
  • A thought of harming any individual 

How Can The Doctor Help With Fatigue Treatment?

A potential doctor can easily identify any health concern associated with low energy levels. For starters, the doctor will diagnose the problem. So they will identify the background of your fatigue. At this point, they might ask questions regarding the same, for which you must answer as accurately as possible. Then, they may examine the severity of your fatigue. 

Next, they might also diagnose other underlying symptoms associated with this problem. They may also ask if you suspect any medical condition. After this, they are likely to analyze the source of any stress and your lifestyle choices. This will help them get to the crux of your fatigue. Finally, they may ask you about certain medications you have or have been consuming to combat this fatigue. 

Certain medical tests like urine and blood tests may become prudent at this point. As such, health concerns associated with low energy levels can be treated right on time by your doctor. 

Say Goodbye To Fatigue Forever! 

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Certain lifestyle changes are sure to reduce fatigue to a considerable extent. Drinking enough healthy fluids, having a proper sleep at night and physical exercise is the most important. You can also practice healthy eating habits and avoid stressful work to reduce feeling fatigued easily. 

Abstinence from smoking, alcoholism, and drugs can make a vast difference and help improve energy levels. Finally, you could also practice yoga and meditation to rejuvenate your mood, elevate energy levels and balance your emotions. However, it is wise to consult a medical expert side by side for a comprehensive cure for this problem. 



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