Shilajit Gold vs Shilajit Gold Plus: Ingredients, Benefits, Uses and Safety Compared

Shilajit Gold and Shilajit Gold Plus are two popular shilajit capsules that can help renew cell energy, improve brain function, and reduce inflammation. Shilajit is a natural substance found in rocks in mountainous regions. 

This guide compares basic Shilajit Gold versus premium Shilajit Gold Plus in an easy-to-understand way. It looks at the key ingredients, how the shilajit is extracted, the possible health benefits, proper dosage, safety considerations, and cost per bottle. 

The goal is to help you choose which shilajit supplement may be better to revitalise your energy, mind power and general well-being. 

Comparing key ingredients

Let's first break down the central ingredients blended within Shilajit Gold versus Shilajit Gold Plus to understand what gives each one a unique therapeutic edge:

Shilajit resin

Shilajit Gold uses purified shilajit collected from the Himalayas. It is extracted through a special patent-protected process that keeps most of the fulvic acid and minerals intact.

Shilajit Gold Plus starts with premium-grade shilajit resin. It goes through an extra purification process based on traditional Ayurvedic medicine. This complex triple purification filters out any impurities in the raw shilajit. It ensures only the "cleanest" and most remedial fulvic acid minerals remain.


Ashwagandha is an important herb in both Shilajit Gold and Shilajit Gold Plus. It is known to reduce stress and boost energy levels naturally.

The ashwagandha used in both supplements comes from the roots of the ashwagandha plant. The specific type is called KSM-66. This is made using a high-quality extraction process that standardises and concentrates the most beneficial healing components of ashwagandha.

Shilajit Capsules

By using premium ashwagandha, both Shilajit Gold and Shilajit Gold Plus ensure maximum stress-relieving and energising benefits from this key ingredient. The two supplements are similar when it comes to the type and quality of ashwagandha used.

Additional Ayurvedic herbs

Shilajit Gold blends 8 specific Ayurvedic herbs to work synergistically with the shilajit, such as safed musli for vitality, Kaunch beej to amplify nerve impulse strength, and gokshuru to build stamina. 

Shilajit Gold Plus starts with the original blend of 8 Ayurvedic herbs. Then, it adds 10+ more plants on top of that to enhance the effects. These additional herbs help lift mood, improve libido and sexual health, relieve stress, and calm the mind.

Swarna Bhasma

Swarna Bhasma is an ingredient in both supplements that combines gold with herbs. This is done using traditional Ayurvedic methods to enhance the health properties.

The Swarna Bhasma used in regular Shilajit Gold is prepared by purifying gold particles with herbs. This form helps strengthen the benefits of the other ingredients in Shilajit Gold.

Shilajit Gold Plus uses a specialised type, Swarna Bhasma. This breaks down the gold into tiny nanoparticles and combines it with herbs. Because the gold particles are so small, they get absorbed quicker and work better inside the body.

So, while both versions provide benefits, the nano Swarna Bhasma in Shilajit Gold Plus is faster-acting. This further enhances the formula compared to standard Shilajit Gold.

Comparing health benefits

Now that we understand the ingredients let's explore the main targeted health benefits you can expect from sustained use of Shilajit Gold capsules versus Shilajit Gold Plus:

Shilajit gold effects

  • Increases Physical Strength & Muscle Growth
  • Heightens Male Sexual Virility
  • Fights Physical and Mental Fatigue
  • Boosts Cellular Energy & Oxygen Circulation
  • Lowers High Altitude Sickness Symptoms
  • Protects Heart, Liver & Kidney Tissues
  • Regulates Key Hormones Naturally

Added Shilajit Gold Plus results

Shilajit Gold Capsule

Along with the above perks, the Plus variant explicitly helps:

  • Elevate Immunity Against Infections
  • Reduce Anxiety and Emotional Stress
  • Improve Digestion and Gut Health
  • Enhance Focus, Memory, and Cognition
  • Strengthen Bones and Joints
  • Control High Blood Sugar Levels

The additional herbs and nano gold in Shilajit Gold Plus give it more overall health benefits. Specifically, these extra ingredients provide advantages that regular Shilajit Gold does not have. 

The wider range of herbs in Shilajit Gold Plus work better together with the shilajit. This helps improve more areas of health, including immunity, brain function, relaxation, and handling internal stress.

Comparing ideal usage protocols

Now let's explore the suggested dosage guidelines and how to take each rejuvenating shilajit formulation:

Shilajit Gold capsules

  • Take 1 capsule twice every day
  • Ideally, consume doses with warm milk
  • A standard course or cycle may last 3 to 4 months
  • Can repeat the course after a 15-30 day break

Shilajit Gold Plus capsules

  • Take 1-2 capsules twice every day
  • Mix with a glass of warm milk 
  • A single course might last 2 to 3 months consistently
  • Take a 15-day break before starting the next 60-90 day course

Both Shilajit Gold and Shilajit Gold Plus work best when you take them regularly for a few months. This gives time for the beneficial effects to build up in your cells. It results in long-lasting gains. However, Shilajit Gold Plus starts working faster than regular Shilajit Gold. 

This is because the shilajit and nano gold used in the Plus formula get absorbed quicker in the body. So, while both do provide growing benefits with continuous use, Shilajit Gold Plus will produce noticeable improvements sooner. Its enhanced delivery system gives faster results.

Comparing safety and side effects

A common concern when trying any new supplement is whether it has any associated health risks or potential for side effects. Let's see how Shilajit Gold and Shilajit Gold Plus compare here:

Shilajit gold safety

The purified shilajit resin and 8 traditional Indian herbs have been used widely for many centuries with established safety in Ayurveda when taken responsibly by healthy adults.

In clinical studies, Shilajit Gold demonstrated remarkable tolerance without significant incidence of stomach upset, headache, rashes, or any consistent side effect pattern even after 3-4 months of daily use.

Shilajit Gold Plus safety profile

Like regular Shilajit Gold, Shilajit Gold Plus also has an excellent safety record. No negative side effects have been reported in studies when taken as directed. Even though Shilajit Gold Plus is faster-acting and more potent, the natural shilajit-herb-gold combination shows fantastic tolerance. Users report feeling great.

The extra herbs are also present in small trace amounts that likely pose no risks. However, it is still best avoided in pregnancy, breastfeeding, childhood, or with prescription medicines until more research is done.

Both Shilajit Gold versions provide confidence in safety. But the pure triple-purified shilajit resin used exclusively in the Plus formula offers even greater assurance and peace of mind.

Shilajit Gold vs Shilajit Gold Plus

Price and cost comparison

Both Shilajit Gold and Shilajit Gold Plus provide good benefits for energy and health. But Shilajit Gold Plus costs more.

Shilajit Gold:

  • Cost per bottle: ₹535-₹700
  • Cost per capsule: ₹8-₹12

Shilajit Gold Plus:

  • Cost per bottle: ₹800-₹950
  • Cost per capsule: ₹15-₹19

Shilajit Gold is very affordable for daily use. The price is reasonable for the good quality ingredients.

But Shilajit Gold Plus costs 50% more because it uses:

  • Highly purified Himalayan shilajit
  • Nano gold particles
  • More health herbs
  • Special manufacturing

So, while Shilajit Gold Plus costs extra, you get premium quality ingredients made with special care and methods. This justifies the higher price for better results.

Note: The prices shown for Shilajit Gold and Shilajit Gold Plus can change. The actual price may vary depending on various things.

Which Shilajit supplement should you opt for?

Both Shilajit Gold and Shilajit Gold Plus provide the benefits of shilajit resin from the Himalayas. This can increase energy and brain function and lower inflammation in the body. It helps regenerate cell nutrients.

However, Shilajit Gold Plus is better if you want faster, enhanced improvements. The special processing makes its shilajit purer and works quicker in the body. While Shilajit Gold does the job for some, upgrading to Shilajit Gold Plus maximises and speeds up the anti-aging and restoration results noticeably.

For the best energy renewal, cell support, and a feeling of youthful vibrancy every day, choose Shilajit Gold Plus. Its blend of ancient Ayurveda with modern technology gives optimal rejuvenation.


Shilajit Gold and Shilajit Gold Plus are two types of shilajit supplements; both are made to help improve energy and brain function and reduce inflammation. Shilajit Gold is good, but Shilajit Gold Plus is a bit better because it's made with a special extra cleaning step, has more helpful herbs, and includes tiny gold particles that work faster in the body.

Shilajit Gold Plus offers more health benefits like better immunity, less stress, improved gut health, sharper focus, stronger bones, and helps with blood sugar levels. It also works quicker and is safer because of its high-quality ingredients and purification process. However, it costs a bit more than Shilajit Gold.

If you want a basic boost, Shilajit Gold is fine. But if you're looking for faster and more noticeable improvements in your health, Shilajit Gold Plus is the better choice. It mixes old wisdom with new technology to help you feel energetic and healthy every day.


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