Revealing the 8 Remarkable Benefits of Eating Papaya Empty Stomach

Eating a bowl of papaya every day on an empty stomach has multiple health benefits. Notably, it has a sweet flavour with an attractive appearance and consuming this fruit offers multiple health advantages.  

This fruit has a high concentration of enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients. These help to infuse several benefits of eating papaya empty stomach. So, you may ask, can I eat papaya empty stomach? Then, this post is a must-read for you. 

Nutritional value of papaya

This summer-friendly tropical low-calorie fruit is among the best sources of fibre. So, that makes it a must-have ingredient in your breakfast and eating papaya on an empty stomach daily is more beneficial. Furthermore, those following a weight-loss regimen may include papaya in their diet to reap maximum benefits. 

A slice of 157 grams of papaya contains approximately 68 calories. Here's a table containing the nutritional facts of consuming papaya. 

Dietary Fiber

2.7 gm


31 mg


33 mg


286 mg


0.13 mg

Vitamin C

95.6 mg


58 mg

Vitamin A 

1492 international units

Vitamin E

0.47 mg

Vitamin K

4.1 mcg

8 health benefits of eating papaya empty stomach

Papaya has a lot of papain enzymes, which provide many good things for the body. So, here are some usual health benefits of eating papaya empty stomach.

1. Protects the heart

Papaya contains many nutrients, such as potassium, fibre, and vitamins, which help to prevent heart problems. It is frequently suggested by doctors to eat more potassium to lower the chance of having heart disease. Cholesterol in the body can lead to blocked and narrowed heart arteries. 

Eating papaya might help bring cholesterol levels back to normal. The presence of beta-carotene, vitamins, and lycopene stops it. Papaya makes the blood flow better to your heart. Thus, it helps in lowering your risks of having a heart attack and stroke.

2. Gives glowing skin

Eating this tropical fruit on an empty stomach is very good for your skin because it contains natural substances that remove dead skin cells and antioxidants and papain. They decompose dead skin cells on the surface, moisturise them, clear pores, and stop wrinkles from forming. Besides the cosmetic benefits, consuming papaya also has healing properties. Furthermore, you must consume mashed papaya to promote wound healing and prevent infection due to burned skin. 

3. Provides relief in constipation

Eating papaya on an empty stomach boosts digestive health while preventing stomach issues. Notably, this fruit is beneficial for individuals troubled by constipation. They must ensure that they consume it first thing in the morning. Since it is a rich source of fibre, bowel movements ease and relieve constipation. Consuming papaya on an empty stomach reduces indigestion and acidity to a great extent. 

4. Regulates blood sugar

The sugar content in papaya is low, but it is rich in fibre. Consumption of this tropical fruit on an empty stomach helps to regulate blood sugar levels and keeps it stable. Notably, incorporating this fruit into the diet of a diabetic person can indeed be beneficial. 

5. Supports weight loss

Papaya has few calories but a lot of fibre, so it's very good for losing weight. If you eat papaya when your stomach is empty, it helps to control hunger and makes you stay full for more time. Make sure you add protein and other essential nutrients into your diet for improved health.

6. Reduce Inflammation

Papaya might work as a natural pain reliever due to the papain enzyme it contains, which boosts the production of cytokines in our bodies. These proteins play a role in controlling inflammation. Plus, papayas are high in carotenoids, which can reduce inflammation.

7. Lowers the risk of cancer

Many cancers occur due to free radicals and excessive oxidative stress. Papaya has antioxidants which can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells and reduce the risk of cancer. Lycopene is a kind of carotenoid and a natural colourant present in fruits and vegetables. It is known for its properties against cancer.

8. Controls irregular periods

Many women dread period cramps. Papaya has properties that reduce inflammation and soothe menstrual cramps. Carotene found in papaya stimulates the uterus to contract and brings regularity to your menstruation cycle. This carotene also boosts the production of estrogen hormone.

Side effects of eating papaya on empty stomach

You must be mindful of the side effects of papaya on an empty stomach, which are as follows:

  • Papaya can cause uterine contractions and unplanned abortion. Pregnant women should avoid papaya, particularly unripe varieties. 
  • Overeating papaya might deteriorate the oesophageal lining. As a result, excessive use might be problematic. 
  • The latex in papaya might trigger allergic responses. As a result, papaya can be problematic for people with food allergies. 
  • Summer fruits reduce blood sugar levels. People with low blood pressure should avoid eating too much papaya. 
  • Papaya seeds help reduce male infertility. The seeds can reduce sperm count and impair sperm motility. 


Eating papaya first thing in the morning has various health advantages. It not only improves digestion and immunity, but it also helps with weight control and skin health. Given papaya's strong health profile, it's a good idea to include this excellent fruit in your daily diet and get the incredible benefits it offers.


1. What are the side effects of eating papaya?

The papaya's latex may induce severe irritation and vesication on the skin of specific individuals. In extreme instances, consumption of papaya can also result in stomach irritation.

2. Are papaya seeds good for the liver?

The detoxifying properties of papaya seeds aid in promoting liver health by preventing the production of free radicals in liver cells and stimulating the generation of new cells. Additionally, it boo appetite, particularly among children, elderly individuals, and alcoholic patients.

3. Who should not consume papaya?

Before consuming, pregnant women individuals with allergies, stomach ailments, hypoglycemia and kidney stones should seek medical advice.

4. Does papaya affect pregnancy?

One should be cautious when consuming green or semi-ripe papaya as it contains high levels of latex. This is attributed to the excessive presence of latex in unripe papaya. This concentrated form of latex may induce uterine contractions, often resulting in a miscarriage.

5. How much papaya should be consumed on an empty stomach? 

It is widely advised to consume a moderate quantity of papaya. Indulging in an excessive amount of this tropical fruit on an empty stomach may lead to unease or diarrhoea due to its laxative qualities.


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