Chirchita Plant
  • English Name: Prickly chaff flower
  • Hindi Name: Chirchita
  • Sanskrit Name: Apamarg
  • Latin Name: Achyranthes aspera

Chirchita is an erect or ascending herb or shrub with only a few flowers at a time. The plant usually grows in tropical regions across Australia and Asia. Apart from the flower of the plant, the leaves and seeds of chirchita also have various therapeutic benefits for individuals.

Evidence-Based Benefits of Chirchita (Prickly Chaff Flower)

  • Heals Wounds

The bioactive elements in chrchita are highly beneficial in treating ulcers and sores. These compounds can promote tissue regeneration and support faster wound healing. Moreover, prickly chaff flowers can reduce the risk of infection at the location of the wound. 

  • Provides Relief from Asthma

A small girl suffering from asthma

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Prickly chaff flowers come with anti-asthmatic actions to treat asthma, bronchitis, and similar conditions. This Ayurvedic herb can clear up the lungs to help you breathe more easily. Here, you can explore ayurvedic medicines for Asthma.

  • Aids in Weight Management

One of the major chirchita plant benefits is shedding off excess weight in the gluteal and abdomen regions. Apart from aiding weight loss, chirchita can also reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the body. 

  • Cures Indigestion

The digestive properties of chaff flowers can fight the formation of gas and toxins that lead to indigestion. By aiding digestion, chirchita can keep issues like ulcers, gastritis, and indigestion at bay.

Moreover, it prevents issues like bloating, flatulence, and abdominal distention by breaking down food in the gastrointestinal tract. You can also explore Ayurvedic products and medicines for indigestion issue.

  • Improves Kidney Health

The natural properties of the chirchita plant can be highly beneficial in improving kidney functions. It can also help in breaking down kidney stones and improve bladder retention. 

  • Provides Relief from Cough

The apamarga flower can provide relief from coughs, colds, and break down mucus. 

  • Acts as a Laxative

Prickly chaff flower works as a laxative to provide relief from constipation. It can help in regulating bowel movements to remove toxins from the intestines. 

  • Provides Relief from Piles

Individuals suffering from piles will largely benefit from chirchita. It will prevent the issue of constipation and also help in reducing bleeding associated with piles. 

  • Reduces the Risk of Uterus Infection

Prickly chaff flowers come with antifungal and antibacterial attributes to provide quick relief from uterus infections. This unique herb can also help women with pain and swelling in the uterus. Moreover, chirchita can keep vaginal white discharge in control. 

  • Treats Animal Bites

The anti-poison chirchita plant benefits are evident in cases of animal bites. This powerful herb can provide relief from snake, dog, and scorpion bites. 

Chirchita for Managing Diabetes

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The chirchita plant is an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine to treat diabetes. It can optimise blood glucose levels by improving insulin sensitivity or increasing insulin production. 

Chirchita for Arthritis

The anti-inflammatory properties of the chirchita plant are a boon for people with arthritis. It can lower the pain and swelling associated with arthritis. Moreover, chirchita can reduce stiffness and make your joints more flexible. 

Chirchita for Improving Heart Health

One of the major chirchita plant uses is improving the cardiovascular health of individuals. Regularly consuming chirchita can bring your blood pressure under control. Moreover, it is effective in reducing cholesterol and triglycerides. Therefore, chitrita is a powerful herb in making your heart stronger. 

Nutritional Facts of Chirchita

Here’s a list of nutrients found in chirchita:

  • Fatty acids
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Flavonoids
  • Tannins
  • Oleonic acid

How Does Chirchita Work to Cure Nausea and Vomiting?

If you have been throwing up constantly, the apamarga medicinal uses can come to your rescue. The herb will also help in curing nausea and make you feel less sick. Chirchita is also considered great for relieving pain and cramping associated with diarrhoea. 

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Ways to Use Chirchita

  • Chirchita juice: Have chirchita juice with water and honey before meals to enjoy its benefits.
  • Chirchita powder: Mixing chirchita powder with water and honey and having it twice a day is highly beneficial.
  • Chirchita paste: Grinding the roots or leaves of chirchita to make a paste and applying it to affected areas can be highly beneficial.

Chirchita Facts and Myths

Facts About Chirchita

  • Fact 1: Chirchita contains compounds that can help get rid of worms and parasites in the intestine. 
  • Fact 2: Chirchita can bring down your body temperature and provide relief from fever-related symptoms. 
  • Fact 3: Chirchita is highly beneficial in treating skin issues like irritation, itching, and eczema. 

Myths About Chirchita

  • Myth 1: It is not safe to topically apply chirchita on wounds. 
  • Myth 2: Chirchita cannot help in relieving the symptoms of the common cold. 
  • Myth 3: Chirchita cannot help in managing menstrual cycles. 

Growing Chirchita at Home

Chirchita tree seeds

Growing apamarga plant at home is quite easy from seeds as well as cuttings. If you are planning to grow this Ayurvedic herb at home, June is the best month. Usually, it takes more time to grow your chirchita plant from seeds. But a 4 to 5-inch cutting can be planted in well-drained soil for faster growth. 

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Where to Buy Chirchita Products

Trusted Brands for Ayurvedic Products

If you are looking for chirchita products, you should choose a reliable Ayurvedic brand like Zandu. The natural composition of chirchita products from Zandu will help you extract the authentic benefits of the plant. 


Chirchita is a highly useful medicinal herb found throughout the Indian subcontinent. So, find ways to embrace the medicinal benefits of chirchita in your life. 


1. Can Chirchita keep hunger pangs in control?

Chirchita is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs to control your hunger and aid in weight management. 

2. Is chirchita good for respiratory issues?

Chirchita is extremely beneficial for clearing up the airways in your lungs. This Ayurvedic herb can also break down mucus in the lungs and treat different respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma. 

3. Can chirchita help in improving cardiovascular issues?

Chirchita can help improve several cardiovascular issues by regulating your cholesterol levels.

4. Is chirchita good for the skin?

Chirchita can be extremely beneficial for treating different skin conditions like rashes, infections, and allergies. 

5. Can chirchita help in reducing pain?

The anti-inflammatory characteristics of chirchita can help in treating mild to moderate pain.

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