Zandu Balm

Ayurvedic remedy for headache, body ache and cold. Penetrates swiftly into the affected areas to deliver quick and long lasting relief from pain. Relaxes muscle stiffness and heals pain effectively. Rub onto the affected area and massage gently. Can also use along with a hot compress for muscular aches.

Rub onto the affected area and massage gently. Can also use along with a hot compress for muscular aches.

Rs. 2 Inclusive of all taxes


Q: About the product and Benefits of the product
  • India's number 1 pain relieving balm with more than 100 years of Trust and expertise in Pain relief
  • No.1 Ayurvedic Remedy for Headache, Body ache and cold
  • Fast Action, Fast Absorption
  • Provides instant and long lasting relief from most kinds of pain
  • Q: How to use the product
    A: Apply on affected parts and massage gently. To be only used externally.
    Q: Various ingredients used for making the product
    A: Mentha sp.Satva , Gaultheria Fragrantissima , Eucalyptus Globulus : Base q.s.
    Q: Is this product safe to use?
    A: Yes. It is completely safe to use. However, avoid contact with eyes, nostrils,mucous membranes and broken or irritated skin.
    Q: What all pains does it provide relief from?
    A: Provides relief from headache,body ache and cold.
    Q: Does it have any side/adverse effects?
    A: No
    Q: Is it an ayurvedic product?
    A: Yes. It is an ayurvedic properietary medicine
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