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Seniorz pain relief oil

In old age, people experience stiffness or sharp pangs of pain in the knees and joints. This is due to bones colliding with each as the cartilage that protects your joints becomes thinner and weaker and the fluids lubricating your joints also decrease. Due to this, they experience frequent pain known as arthritic pain. It can also happen due to overuse, overexertion, stress or injury. To help relieve this pain, Zandu has developed Zandu Seniorz Pain Relief Oil, made out of 100% Vegetarian, Natural and Ayurvedic ingredients like Mahanarayan Tail, Mahamash Tail, and Sunthioleoresin. As per Ayurvedic text, Mahamash and Mahanarayan Oils are a blend of 32-33 ingredients, curated and studied by experienced Ayurveda experts for use in this joint pain relief oil. Zandu Seniorz Pain Relief Oil has been scientifically tested to help reduce symptoms associated with osteoarthritis & muscular pain. It also helps with musculoskeletal pain & neuropathic pain while improving joint flexibility and reducing joint stiffness. Additionally, it is convenient to carry and use anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is apply 2.5ml of this joint Pain Relief Oil on the inflamed part and gently massage for a few minutes. Use it as and when pain arises. Do not apply hot fomentation.


In our daily life, we often encounter problems such as stiffness, inflammation, and severe pain. These issues can arise due to various factors, such as lack of exercise, improper lifestyle, specific injuries, medical condition and increased Vata Dosha in body. To alleviate these symptoms, Ayurveda suggests Snehana (massage) with medicated oil followed by Swedana (heat therapy), which effectively reduces inflammation, stiffness, and pain. Embracing this ancient wisdom, we have developed Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Potli, a one stop solution with 17 Ayurvedic herbs for managing all types of pain. It helps enhance blood circulation and reduces swelling, stiffness, and pain. It contains pain relieving herbs like Eranda, Nirgundi, Rasna, Bala and Kundru that are 100% Natural and Ayurvedic to help you relieve pain in the natural way. All the ingredients are carefully chosen by Ayurvedic experts. The legacy of Zandu brand reaffirms the faith and premium quality of this potli as it is made by experts who have decades of Ayurveda experience. It is highly useful in treating joint, muscular and back pain, improving blood circulation, reducing swelling & stiffness, relaxation of muscles and reducing inflammation. It is very easy and convenient to use as the Potli has to be only massaged on the affected areas.