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Chandraprash 900g

While seasons change, maintaining strength, stamina, energy, overall health and unwavering immunity is vital. Hence, Zandu has introduced Zandu Chandraprash, a unique blend of 37 Ayurvedic ingredients that has selected herbs of chyawanprash and cooling ingredients for providing all year-round immunity. All the ingredients in this chandraprash are carefully chosen to protect you from excess heat, cold and common ailments during summer, monsoon and winter. It contains ingredients like khus, amla, chandan, moti pishti, mishreya and mint, which are well-known for their cooling effects, helps provide relieve from burning sensation and prevents dehydration in summers, while herbs like Sunthi, Draksha, and Nagkeshar shields against common monsoon infections. In winter, it guards against cold and cough, ensuring warmth. Ayurvedic experts with more than decades of expertise in area of Ayurveda have prepared, Zandu Chandraprash, which is scientifically proven for 2x immunity* & it contains 100% ayurvedic ingredients and no refined sugar. Simply consume one spoonful twice a day with milk to stay strong & immune all year long! *Scientifically proven basis of laboratory NK cell activity.

Chandraprash 900g

In a world where diabetes has become prevalent, reducing sugar intake holds significant importance for maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Presenting Zandu Kesari Jivan, an exclusive Ayurvedic formulation by Zandu that stands apart due to its absence of added sugar. This formulation incorporates Kesar (saffron), Pearl, Fresh Amla (Indian gooseberry), and 15 other extraordinary herbs, spices, and essential trace minerals. Kesari Jivan has been meticulously crafted following authentic Ayurvedic texts, ensuring every spoonful delivers the utmost goodness. In today's dynamic and fast-paced way of life, incorporating a spoonful of Kesari Jivan daily amplifies your immune system, fortifies your bones, enhances digestion, and grants you sustained vitality, enabling you to embrace life fully.

Zandu Kesari Jivan (for diabetics), is designed for individuals with elevated blood sugar levels. This daily revitalizing tonic, enriched with saffron and pearl, furnishes the essential vigor required and fosters youthful energy. Consistent usage contributes to the augmentation of calcium levels in the body, thereby fortifying bones. It sustains your energy levels throughout the day, ensuring you remain invigorated.