Ayurvedic Prakriti Analysis

Vata – Pitta – Kapha Test

According to Ayurveda, one’s well-being is determined by the specific balance of Dosha’s, or natural energies. Understanding the three Dosha’s & the ideal balance can help develop and reach full potential to overcome health and wellness challeges.
Take the dosha test & submit for an expert analysis. This will help you understand how the balance of Dosha’s affects every aspect of physical & mental health, while offering tips on diet, lifestyle & Ayurvedic remedies to preserve & sustain the balance of Dosha’s.

To Know Your Dosha Is To Know Yourself

Vata Dosha : Composed of air and space, Vata affects movement and activities such as respiration, heatbeat, and muscle movements.

Pitta Dosha : Composed of fire and water, Pitta plays a critical role in digestive and metabolic processes.

Kapha Dosha : Composed of earth and water, Kapha’s lubricating and binding effects directly influence lubrication of the joints, immunity, and skin moisture.

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What is your Dosha?

Take the quiz to know Dosha type.

While answering the questions, keep at least 12 month’s of health conditions in mind.

If choices don’t match your conditions exactly, choose one that best defines your health.

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