Is your age more than 45 years?

Do you have family history of Diabetes

Have you ever been found to have high blood glucose?(eg. during an illness, during pregnancy))

Do you lead a sedentary life style?

Are you increasingly gaining weight recently?

Do you feel that your work capacity is reduced recently?

Do you feel flabbiness of body-parts?

Are you easily tired, exhausted and feel sleepy always?

Do you sweat excessively and smell a bad odor from your body recently

Do you feel increased thirst and dryness of mouth-palate- throat?

Do you regularly wakeup late in morning and/or have habit of sleeping in day time?

Do you regularly eat sweets, Items of Maida, junk food, canned fruit juices, cold drinks etc.

Do you consume Alcohol at least 4 times a week?

Do you feel increased sliminess/stickiness in body, discharge in the eYes, wax collection in ears, coating over teeth/tongue?

Do you wake up at night with an urge for urination?

Have you noticed any abnormality in your urine recently? (eg. frequency/quantity/color/smell etc.)

Do you get boils frequently over body?

Measure your waist circumference Adult Male - Is your waist circumference greater than 94 cm? Adult Female - Is your waist circumference greater than 80 cm?

Calculate your Body Mass Index BMI = weight (kg) divided by the square of height (m) Is your BMI greater than 25?