Health Benefits of Garnishing Your Food With Coriander

Benefits of coriander for the digestive problems

Maintains and promotes digestive health

Coriander helps in proper secretion of the digestive juices and the enzymes, which enhances digestion and peristaltic movements.

Controls diarrhea

Limonene, cineole, alpha-pinene and betaphelandrene present in coriander have anti-bacterial effects, which help to cure diarrhea.

Helps with acidity and gastritis

The leaves of coriander have carminative, stomachic, and spasmolytic properties, hence it is effective against gastritis and dyspepsia.

Protects the gastric lining

Coriander contains polyphenolic compounds, which aid in the formation of a protective layer on the inside wall of the stomach, thereby preventing ulcers.

Overall Health Benefits of Coriander

Coriander is effective in improving

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