The Most Effective Medications for Treating Acidity

What do you usually do when you have acidity?

Is it related to any sudden trigger or a long-term health problem you want to get rid of soon?

In either case, we cannot deny that acidity can hinder your daily activities, cause discomfort, and even lead to several other health problems. This is why you must ensure you have a clear idea about the medicines and the right way to use them. People usually depend on mediated drugs to deal with their acidic problems. However, that isn't the solution because certain compounds in medicines can cause hormonal imbalances and several other health problems. 

Take the example of domperidone which is present in several medications administered to deal with gastritis and acid reflux. It can lead to galactorrhea when consumed for a long time. Similarly, aripiprazole can cause allergic reactions with itching when consumed. This is why it is much better to use natural medicines to eliminate acidity. In this article, we will discuss the most popular natural ways of treating acidity and getting relief from GERD and gastritis simultaneously. 

Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Nothing can beat the excellence of Amla or Indian gooseberry in treating acidity and acid reflux conditions. You can take it raw or in the form of supplements available online. Usually, Amla contains vitamin C but not in high amounts, which is why you won't have to worry about suffering from acidity further rather than getting relief from it.


Another natural medicine for treating acidity is bananas. Although it may sound weird, bananas help soften the power and facilitate its movement through the entire column length. 

It also prevents acid accumulation in your stomach and gives a sense of fullness so that you don't eat anything for at least a few hours. This way, the digestive juices will get enough time to complete the digestion process and distribute the nutrients throughout your body through blood.

Fresh fruit juice

Nothing is as good as having a glass of fresh juice early in the morning with your breakfast. You can go for seasonal fruits, like watermelon, papaya, mango, apple, etc. They usually have a lot of water and fiber content which will help dilute the stomach acid accumulated overnight and prevent acid reflux later. 

Avoid citrus fruits like oranges, lines, melons, and so on. You can use two or more fruits to make a mixed juice, and Harper has the maximum nutritional benefits from the ingredients.

Green tea

Caffeine is one of the significant acidity and acid reflux triggers. It reduces the ability of your body to digest food properly, which is why you can often feel bloating and discomfort after consuming a lot of caffeine. 

As a substitute, you can go for green tea, oolong tea, and white tea, as they do not have caffeine content and will keep you active by increasing the metabolic rate. If you are using green tea, you can mix fenugreek, cumin, chia seed, chamomile, and coriander seeds, as they can reduce acidity and improve digestion.


In fresh or roasted form, oats back a massive concentration of fibers that will help more effortless bowel movement through the large intestine, especially the descending: and the rectum. It will also keep you full for a long time, ensuring you don't feel bloated or suffer from acid reflux. 

Since we are considering oatmeal as medicine for acidity, do not use dairy milk. Instead, go for coconut or almond milk as they do not have much lactose concentration. You can add fresh fruits like berries, mango, apple, grapes, chia seeds, yogurt, flax seeds, and shredded walnuts to make it a complete meal for the morning.

Seeds and nuts

Instead of having French toast or chicken Nuggets as breakfast or evening snacks, you can have some seeds and nuts as a healthy substitute. If it is about a mouthful of food, you can eat raw seeds and nuts, like soaked almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and so on. However, if you want a complete breakfast with seeds and nuts, you can go for chia seeds, as they are a beacon of fibers and help reduce acidity and acid reflux.

Cooked lentils

Eating cooked lentils at night will help in digestion and prevent constipation. When you cook the lentils, all the fibers and proteins are packed together in a single dish, which improves your gut's digestion capacity and helps in proper bowel movement through the large intestine. Furthermore, it also prevents acidity since you don't require too much oil to make cooked lentils.

Leafy vegetables

Eating leafy vegetables every day has multiple advantages. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, to begin with, which you usually won't find in regular food items. Secondly, they have higher water content than other vegetables, which will help keep you hydrated for a long time and dilute the acid in your stomach. 

Plus, they also have higher fiber content that will ease constipation. You can make a green salad or a smoothie with these vegetables, like kale, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, cabbage, meat, parsley, and so on.

Whole grains

Whole grains are an excellent acidity treatment that will never fail you. Whenever you have some bread, ensure to use whole grain wheat flour, ragi flour, oats flour, and so on instead of refined flour. When you use refined flour, it contains a lot of gluten that gets activated once you start to need the dough. 

People with acidity cannot digest gluten easily, which often leads to acid reflux, indigestion, and bloating. Therefore, try to use whole wheat flour or any other flour with less gluten and higher protein and fiber content to manage acidity.


Since we have discussed the natural medicines to treat acidity and other related problems like heat burns and gastritis, all you need to do is include some of them in your regular diet or eat them alternately so that your body can receive the right amount of nutrition it requires. When you cook food items, try to use a minimal amount of oil because several cooking oils come with trans fat and inflammatory Omega acids that further worsen gastritis. Also, please include as much fiber and juicy food items in your diet as possible because both help prevent constipation and acidity.

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