Eating Right: The Core Ideas of Having a Balanced Meal

The importance of eating healthy food is something that you must have heard since your childhood. Remember how your mother used to emphasize on finishing the veggies on your plate? But as you grew up and got stuck in the busy modern life, eating healthy might have taken a backseat. However, those facts about balanced diet and food charts that you had read in your science textbook back in the day are still relevant. So, let’s take a look back at all the things that constitute balanced meals.

Top 8 foods for healthy meal plans

A balanced diet is the basis of living healthy. So, make sure that you include the following top ten healthy foods in the diet to remain happy and healthy.

  1. Pulses -

There are all kinds of pulses and they are all loaded with protein. Ensure that you include pulses to the diet at least thrice a week to get the proteins necessary for the body. It is one of the plant-based food items that are loaded with vitamins, magnesium, and fiber.

  1. Broccoli -

Broccoli is a crucial food that aids in heart health and has cancer-protecting elements. Also, the high fiber content helps in the digestion process.

  1. Berries -

Berries like blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries are packed full of antioxidants. They aid in fighting inflammation and bring a healthy and natural glow to the skin.

  1. Apples -

Apples are an important part of any nutrition food chart because they are a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants. It helps to improve gut health and reduce the risks of blood pressure and stroke. Well, the famous saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ does have a ring of truth to it. Saying of famous lines, read more Ayurveda quotes by leaders.

  1. Greens -

Green leafy veggies are packed with vitamin K. All the varieties of green vegetables have a host of benefits for your overall health. Keeping a variety of greens in the daily diet can help to reduce cholesterol and keep heart ailments at bay. Additionally, it is also known to keep cancer away.

  1. Nuts -

When you are hungry, a handful of nuts can act as a healthy and tasty snack. It will help you cut down on junk food. Besides, including a bowl of different nuts in the diet plate will help in keeping the calories in check. From vegan to keto, nuts are a part of different diet plans.

  1. Yogurt and milk -

As a powerhouse of calcium and proteins, yogurt and milk are rich in a range of nutrients. Also, it helps to prevent osteoporosis and restore tooth and bone health.

  1. Whole grains -

Whole grains improve gut health and are high in fiber. It is known to reduce heart ailments and even some kinds of cancers.

A healthy plate of food as per a proper nutrition chart

A balanced plate has each component of nutritious food that is necessary for healthy eating. You can load at least half of the plate with seasonal vegetables and fruits. In fact, a minimum of five portions of veggies and fruits per day are advisable.

Complete a quarter of the plate with grains, and the rest with protein-rich food items. Also, ensure that you cook your food in moderate oil and bring down the frequency of having caffeine and sugary drinks.

A balanced and healthy food chart

A balanced diet is helpful to maintain overall health. As a matter of fact, a good intake of nutritious food is even more important for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Moderate addition of all the nutrients, along with sufficient water intake, help to maintain a healthy body weight. Experts suggest that the base meal has to be high in fiber because it helps in the process of digestion. When digestive issues are properly addressed, the healthy function of all organs and body parts are taken care of. So, limit the salt intake to five grams per day.

Healthy drinks to balance your food and health

Of course, water is known as the elixir of life. But it is not the only drink that you can take for your good health. Nut milk, black coffee, green tea, fresh smoothies, and fresh fruit juices are a few drinks that you need to consider.

Such healthy drinks have tons of vitamins and nutrients that help to boost immunity, fight depression, and regulate mood. Also, such healthy drinks enhance digestion and aid in the fight against different diseases. But remember that a freshly made drink is much better than carbonated drinks and canned juices.

Homemade healthy lunches

The kind of healthy meals that you prepare at home help to build immunity. It lets you manage health better and reduce the risks of different ailments like cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart ailments.

If you use the examples of nutrients mentioned above and prepare a simple meal, you will get something that is more hygienic, fresher, and healthier than any food you order from outside. Of course, you will find it more convenient to order from a restaurant once in a while due to back-to-back client meetings or busy schedules. But at least make sure your order includes seasonal fruits and veggies to make it a healthy option.

Importance of a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most crucial meal of the day, and you should not leave home without a proper breakfast. Regardless of how busy your day, do not let that be a reason to skip your breakfast. Going by the food information given above, you can keep a bowl of nuts and fresh fruits nearby in case you don’t have enough time to eat a proper breakfast sitting down.

Different studies have emphasized from time to time that a proper breakfast is helpful in weight management. You need a nutrient-rich and healthy breakfast to fuel the brain and body to work all through the day. School kids should particularly never skip breakfast because it is associated with their attention span. A balanced breakfast is helpful in improving their attention span and performance at school. And for both you and your kids, reduce the total fat intake, particularly trans-fat and saturated fat consumption.

Benefits of a balanced meal

Following a proper food chart and having a balanced meal comes with the following seven benefits:

  • helps to build immunity
  • enhances overall health
  • makes bones and muscles stronger
  • improves digestive functions
  • keeps bones, teeth, and skin healthy
  • supports a healthy pregnancy
  • reduces the risk of high blood sugar and cholesterol

If you follow the food advice given above and make the necessary changes to your daily diet, you will see the results for sure. It will give you a better overall health and fewer sick days in the long run.


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