The Daily Health Booster Granules – A Convenient and Easy Way to Improve your Health

The older you grow, the more health problems you start to experience. Digestion issues, weak immunity and low energy levels in the body may start to deteriorate your health. Poor lifestyle and eating habits can equally take a toll on your overall well-being. This means you need a convenient and easy way to improve your health. A potential health booster could be the answer. 

The immune system of our body is responsible for the body’s protection against diseases and multiple infections. But when immunity becomes vulnerable, fighting off these infections and diseases becomes tougher than ever. 

At this point, you may experience Type-2 Diabetes, cardio problems and even obesity. The best way out of all this is to stick to a good health booster that is 100% natural and vegetarian. Thankfully, The Daily Health Booster granules from Zandu Care are the perfect fit. 

The Daily Health Booster granules - For Better Immune Health 

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The Daily Health Booster granules are a potential ayurvedic treatment for health problems among senior citizens. It is 100% vegetarian, contains no gelatin and is quite natural. The granules are also safe for use with the best quality ingredients in them. It comes in a 500g dosage at Rs. 899 only. 

These granules can also help individuals break out of exhaustion, improve their digestion and lead a healthy lifestyle altogether. Apart from that, it is also made of natural ingredients like Moong dal, Ashwagandha, Pomegranate, Banana and Triphala that add to its goodness. That is why it is recommended by numerous nutritionists and doctors today for old-age health problems. 

The Ingredients Present In The Daily Health Booster Granules

1. Moong Dal

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As old age strikes, people start losing muscles from their bodies at a fast rate. Thankfully, Moong dal can help lower this process and improve muscle health on time. That is why people often count on Moong Dal Protein for better health. 

2. Triphala 

Digestion problems can be uncomfortable. They may also elevate stomach pain problems. Triphala can help restore your digestion health by improving your digestion levels in the body. That is why this health tonic for old age is highly recommended. 

3. Ashwagandha

Low energy levels can exhaust you instantly. You may also feel weaker and more sleepy. This will eventually lead to lower productivity at work. The effects of Ashwagandha can help with health improvement on time. It can give you a jolt of instant energy and rejuvenate your immunity to ward off multiple infections and diseases. 

4. SEB (Apple) 

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SEB or Apples are known to be great immunity boosters. They can help elevate your daily health routine immediately. SEB can help provide the utmost nourishment to your body. It can also help combat various diseases in the process. 

5. Kadali (Banana)

Kadali is a good source of antioxidants. It can be very beneficial for your digestive system and heart health too. In case you suffer from poor digestion problems, the presence of this ingredient in the granules can instantly make for a good health drink for old age. 

6. Palak (Spinach)

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Palak is the cure for numerous health ailments. It can be very effective in boosting your overall immunity, improving hydration in the body and helping prevent Iron deficiency issues. 

7. Gajar (Carrot) 

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Gajar can be great for bone health. It can also help lower cholesterol problems and relieve constipation. That is why it is known as the best food to improve digestion. 

8. Dadima (Pomegranate) 

Pomegranate is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. It supports good heart health, fights off inflammation and helps with better immunity. That is why if you are wondering how to strengthen immune system, you can count on these granules in need. 

Benefits Of The Daily Health Booster Granules

1. Enriched With Moong Dal Protein 

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Yellow Moong Dal Protein per 100mg in these granules can help boost your energy vigorously. It can also provide much-needed acceleration in your good immune health. That is why even nutritionists recommend consuming them when in need. 

2. Contains Phytonutrients 

The best part about this ayurvedic medicine to improve digestion is that it contains phytonutrients from natural sources. So, you can easily expect it to help improve your overall well-being. It may also improve your digestion on time, leaving you worrying about nothing. 

How To Use The Daily Health Booster Granules?

These granules include NutriPro Complex. The product is also highly reliable, safe for use and convenient for your health. It is formulated by experts and backed by Science which leaves you with minimal worries.

To leverage its benefits, you need to take 200 ml of lukewarm milk. Add one scoop of these granules into the milk. Now, stir it well until mixed thoroughly. If needed, you can add some sweetener to it. You will see the results in a few days. 

The Daily Health Booster Granules are very helpful for your overall well-being. Opt for them now from Zandu Care to see the difference for yourself. We promise; it can transform your health in no time. Try it out now!

The Best Tips To Improve Your Overall Immunity 

1. Make Sure To Eat Properly 

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A lot of people assume that eating well implies eating as much as they want. But this is a myth. Eating well means indulging in a balanced diet. It is to make sure that your plate has sufficient fruits, vegetables and other nutrients your health requires. Eating well is also indicative of controlling your cholesterol, saturated fat and salt intake. 

By eating well, your body can gain access to multiple nutrients that can help it fight off many major infections and diseases. Eventually, your body will be healthy. However, make sure you speak to a healthcare professional in case you wish to draft a stringent diet plan for yourself. They can help examine your body for the nutrients it requires and create a chart accordingly for you. 

2. Indulge In Physical Activity 

Of course, keeping track of your daily diet is necessary. But it is equally important to focus on your physical activity. Yes, physical activity can help bolster your immunity in no time. It can also help improve digestion, eliminate exhaustion and foster cardio health. 

Physical activity can also enable you to maintain better health and balanced weight. So, speak to a potential fitness trainer to understand which physical activities can benefit you most. You can start with cardio exercises like running, jogging and walking to extract the standard benefits, though. 

3. Maintain A Healthy Weight 

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Excess weight can be a problem. It can make your bones weak, lower immunity health and lead to more digestion problems. That is why it is prudent to keep track of your weight. If you think you are underweight or overweight, consult a healthcare provider today. Find out how you can monitor your weight and ensure your well-being completely. You can also ask them about The Daily Health Booster granules. They are most likely to give positive responses to the same.

4. Indulge In Sufficient Sleep 

Did you know that sleep loss can take a massive toll on your overall well-being? Sources suggest that it can significantly affect your immune system. It can increase exhaustion and reduce your body’s ability to ward off important diseases and infections. 

That is why doctors suggest that having at least 6 to 8 hours of complete sleep is necessary for everyone. This is more important for senior citizens. So, remember to have a sufficient sleep for this purpose. 

5. Say No To Drinking And Smoking 

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Both smoking and drinking can be the worst enemies of your immune health. In fact, they can also significantly pose a threat to your digestive health. That is why sources suggest that both smoking and drinking alcohol should be eliminated at the earliest. 

It is suggested that women should have no more than one alcoholic drink per day. On the contrary, men should only have two alcoholic drinks and not more per day. So, if you are addicted to any of these kinds of substance abuse, please control them urgently. You can also consult a healthcare expert to find better ways to quit these habits to improve your lifestyle. 

6. Hydrate Yourself Properly 

Hydration is the key to good health. It can empower better immunity, foster greater digestive health and even improve your bone strength. That is why most doctors recommend hydrating yourself properly. Make sure to drink enough water when you get up in the morning. However, try to reduce the amount of water you drink at night before bedtime, as it can keep you from sleeping. 

The Bottom Line 

Although there are many ways to improve your health and boost immunity, we will highly recommend you stick to Daily Health Booster Granules. These are effective, instantly useful, well-available and 100% safe. 

They are also 100% vegetarian, natural and packed with the right nutrients for your health. Tap into Zandu Care’s website today to get your hands on them at a nominal price of Rs. 899 only for 500 grams of the product. 


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