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You can’t really stop time; it’s true. However, maintaining a keen mind and working on your cognitive enhancement will help you to live a better life. Your daily brain processes have a direct impact on how mentally healthy you are. 

It may affect how you feel, how frequently your moods change, how focused you are, and how much you can do in a day before becoming worn out. Don’t you think it would be wonderful if you could maintain your own motivation and focus at all times? 

The good news is that you can achieve this condition of ideal brain power by incorporating just a few simple brain-boosting habits into your daily routine! 

1. Lower Stress With The Power of Daily Meditation


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Since chronic stress has been linked to brain trauma in studies, adopting behaviors or lifestyle choices that reduce your stress response can aid you in safeguarding and developing your brain. 

Establishing a daily meditation routine, even for just ten to twenty minutes, is among the greatest methods to achieve your desired level of brain power. You can engage in spiritual rituals or practices like prayer, as well as breath-focused activities, mindfulness training, yoga, and tai chi.

2. Sunlight Exposure Is Essential 


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According to a 2013 study presented at PubMed Central (PMC), limited sunlight exposure can result in a significant drop in dopamine in the brain. Two minutes of early sunlight might make you feel attentive and awake. 

Getting a head start on the day will also make it easier for you to sleep through the night. Taking a brisk walk first thing every morning and refraining from using your phone for a minimum of 30 minutes after awakening are good sun exposure practices.

3. Complete All The Challenging Tasks In The Morning

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After a restful night’s sleep, our brains function at their peak when they are awake and enthusiastic. When you’ve got a task that needs a lot of thinking and concentration, early morning is the optimum time to complete it because your brain is in its freshest state. 

This is why it isn’t a good idea to go through your email first thing in the morning. You are squandering your brain’s peak functioning time on an easy task that could be completed when your mind isn’t alert.

You’ll notice that your ability to focus will decrease during the course of the day. As the day goes on, your decision-making capacity will also deteriorate. This is known as “decision fatigue,” indicating that the choices you make afterwards won’t be as effective as the ones you make earlier in the day.

The most challenging and innovative work should be completed first thing in the morning to reap the benefits of your brain’s increased energy levels. Try to arrange work that requires more intellectual energy and focus during the morning hours rather than arranging meetings at that time.

4. Do Exercises Regularly In a Week


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Exercise not only helps you achieve a more physically fit state, but it also improves your cognitive health. You may do yoga to improve memory or the brain cell connections or exercise in any way that suits you, whether it be jogging, biking, swimming, or something else. 

You must be able to comprehend more out of your courses and educational materials as a result of this, which will also help your memory and learning abilities.

Although it is advised that you work out for a minimum of 30 minutes five days a week if you are just getting started, start out a few times a week and gradually increase your frequency. If not, there’s a chance that you’ll get tired of the new routine before you’ve formed a habit.

5. Nap Is Important For Your Brain To Function Properly!


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Adults often prefer to increase their cognitive power by napping. It also ranks among the best remedies for your brain, says research. The brain may calm down, unwind, and reinvigorate for the day by having a nap. 

It enhances mental agility, which is essential for maintaining fitness. Only after a little snooze of at least one and a half hours in the afternoon will you awake feeling rejuvenated and ready to work harder. 

Sleeping for less than an hour can make you feel groggy but may provide you with a light rest. So from now on, don’t forget to take a nap in the afternoon. If your job prevents you from taking an afternoon nap, you must get at least eight hours of sleep per night.

6. Do Brain Training Exercises 

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Maintaining the brain’s plasticity helps keep the memory sharp. The term “brain plasticity” describes the brain’s capacity to change continuously over a person’s lifespan. And by doing brain training exercises that stretch your mind, you can retain this plasticity—or, even better, enhance it.

You can start juggling, playing chess, or learning another language. Furthermore, board games can improve your hand-eye coordination and thinking processes. Even anything as easy as typing with the opposite hand while scrolling or eating while playing music, and closing your eyes can be done to blend your senses. 

7. Drink Water & Never Stay Dehydrated 

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The majority of the weight of the brain is water. Therefore, even a minor decrease in hydration will immediately impact the well-being and cognition of your brain. You need to stay hydrated for your neurons to function properly. 

So, hydrate yourself with a full glass of water before each meal, and wake up refreshed by sipping from a 1-liter water bottle you put on your bedside. 

8. Take Sufficient Breaks During Work or Study

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More than an hour of sustained focus and concentration is difficult for our brains to achieve. When working intently for an extended period, you will start to make more and more blunders. This is a sign that your mind needs a rest because it is worn out.

It’s crucial to take the correct kind of break. Your brain won’t get the proper break if you interrupt your work on a challenging spreadsheet to examine your feeds on social media. The alternative is to leave your workstation and get up. If it’s not possible, head to the closest window and take a peek outside. 

Keep your phone behind to refrain from always checking your phone since your brain needs rest from the display screen, not just the spreadsheet. During this break, you can either enjoy nature or read any brain power book available on the internet – the choice is yours. 

9. Never Avoid or Miss Out on Eating Foods Rich In Micronutrients and Vitamins


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Numerous minerals and vitamins can increase brain power. Zinc and iodine can support healthy brain memory, but vitamins B6, B12, and folate help fight weariness, a significant cause of procrastination. 

Omega-3 and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), among its key fatty acids, are crucial nutrients to take in your regular diet since they can support healthy brain function, which is critical for learning. The following foods will help you increase your brain function by providing vitamins and micronutrients: 

  • Zinc-rich foods include dairy products, cereals, nuts and seeds, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, legumes, fish, and meat.
  • Iodine-rich foods include strawberries, eggs, tuna, yogurt, turkey, seaweed, and fish.
  • Cereals, milk, peanuts, vegetables, eggs, bread, seafood, fish, poultry, and pork are all good sources of vitamin B6.
  • Cereals, dairy products, seafood, and meat are good sources of vitamin B12.
  • Omega-3 foods include egg yolks, seeds, nuts, and fish.

Although including all of these vitamins in your diet regularly may seem daunting, several dietary supplements can assist you. Try to use these vitamins and minerals as soon as feasible because the advantages can take a few weeks to manifest.

10. Music Is The Key To Enhanced Brain Power


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Having good music playing in your headphones can make you feel better. Reducing background noise and concentrating on relaxing music also improves brain function. It is comparable to meditation and one of its numerous varieties. 

The following are some advantages of listening to quality music:

  • It improves your memory, 
  • Calms your nerves, 
  • Sharpens your focus, and 
  • Lightens your mood.

According to numerous studies, listening to enjoyable music might increase creativity. So connect your earbuds, and start singing along to your favorite tunes.

11. Deep Listening Is Crucial; Keep Practicing It

Your neurons must fire, and your synapses must work whenever you do something that calls for communication. Speaking, listening, comprehending signals, and assimilating information can all be made more challenging by brain injury, excessive stress, and other factors.

Get into the habits of a happy brain by frequently quieting your thoughts, just as practicing meditation can reduce stress response activation and, as a result, calm your mind. This will allow your neurons to communicate more effectively.

12. Keep Track of Your Mood


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Have you ever had a day start with many unanticipated issues? And it almost made you unhappy? Now that it is over, the remainder of your day basically makes up for it. You will discover how much we let other factors affect our day and attitude when you try to find it. 

Finding it can help you recognize how many days each month you genuinely are happy, healthy, and pleased. It’s on these days that our brains function at their peak. Why not attempt it each day, then? 

Bentac is a mood enhancer you can take if you’re having trouble with a circumstance like this. It can aid in mood regulation and promote clear thinking. 

13. Avoid Eating Refined Sugar At All Costs

An addicting mixture of salt and sugar causes your unquenchable desire. We often overindulge in salty chips or sweet desserts because of this. You can always use jaggery, honey, or any healthier sugar replacement instead of refined sugar. 

Additionally, maintain stable blood sugar levels to fend off persistent cravings. Adding more protein to your morning meal will drastically lessen your sugar cravings. You can also make it a habit not to have processed snacks around the house. 

Final Words

We are confident that you have heard of these memory improvement techniques for increasing brain capacity. However, the time has come for you to begin tackling it. It’s not only a matter of changing your habits; your body also needs it. 

By implementing the aforementioned strategies, you can maintain an active lifestyle and avoid negative emotions and energy like anxiety, isolation, low self-esteem, and other similar problems. If you need an alternative or complementary solution to all these lifestyle hacks for robust brain power, you can pick one of the memory-enhancing tonics or pills from the house of ZanduCare. 

All products from ZanduCare are made of 100% natural ingredients infused with Ayurvedic herbal essence to ensure no side effects. Buy one of ZanduCare’s memory boosters today!
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