Discovering the Benefits of Mahabhringraj Oil for Hair & Beyond

Do you want to improve your hair's lustrousness and boost confidence? This post is your safe guide. You may love the idea of flaunting long, cascade-like hair. However, the harsh environmental factors and poor hair care regimen take a toll on your tresses each time you make a strong haircare plan. While so many haircare products are available now, selecting the right one becomes challenging. Fortunately, nature introduces the best solution in the name of Mahabhringraj Oil.

A brief on Mahabhringraj Oil

Mahabhringraj Oil is a crafted blend of Bhringraj extract and other natural ingredients, each having its own benefits. So, the combination of these ingredients creates a hair tonic that nourishes your scalp while strengthening its root to tip.You can make your bhringraj oil at home by sun-drying the leaves, combining them with sesame or coconut oil in a tight-fitting jar, and re-exposing it to the sun for a few more days, or until the colour becomes green.

Alternatively, you can get Mahabhringraj oil from the market with added ingredients like 

  • Turmeric
  • Indian lotus
  • Brahmi
  • Amla
  • Sandalwood
  • Cow's milk and more

Bhringraj, often called False Daisy, is a beautiful sunflower herb. The leaves of the Bhringraj tree make the best oil for hair development. The plant known as "Eclipta alba" in English is the source of bhringraj oil. It grows naturally in damp areas such as India, Brazil, and Thailand. The Bhringraj plant, regarded as one of India's age-old and healing herbs, is a powerful element that amazingly affects one's general health and hair.

Herbal oils like Bringraj and others are extremely valued in Ayurveda. Bhringraj is considered the king of herbs. Look for an oil  that comes packed with nutrients like Vitamin E, D, calcium, etc. These nutrients together can reduce your hair issues in no time. Let us have a look at the Mahabhringraj oil benefits in detail. 

Nutritional facts on bhringraj oil

Rich in minerals, including iron, calcium, vitamin D, polypeptides, vitamin E, magnesium, and steroids, Bhringraj oil is enhanced by nature's goodness. The oil's high protein content adds even more advantages for hair.


Amount per 100ml

Bhringraj Extract

20 grams

Sesame Oil

50 grams

Coconut Oil

20 grams

Amla Extract

10 grams

Brahmi Extract

5 grams

Jatamansi Extract

2 grams

Neem Extract

2 grams

Rosemary Oil

1 gram

Almond Oil

5 grams

Vitamin E

500 mg


100 mg

Establish your hair goals by including mahabhringraj oil in your hair care routine

From eliminating dandruff to promoting hair growth, bhringraj oil can do wonders for your hair health. Besides, it can prevent baldness and reduce dry scalp issues while preventing premature greying.

Reduces hair fall

Regularly using Mahabhringraj oil to hair stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp and roots.

It is regarded as a fantastic treatment for hair loss caused by stress. It works particularly well in the contemporary world, where stress is every day.

The vitamins and minerals in bhringraj leaves help to prevent hair loss and fight hair breakage. By preventing hair loss, they nourish and revitalise hair, giving it a more voluminous appearance.

Prevents hair greying 

One of the most excellent benefits of mahabhringraj hair oils benefits is that it prevents the greying of hair. Most individuals use chemically induced hair treatments, such as colouring, to cure premature greying, which may be quite detrimental to the hair's long-term health. The revitalising properties of Bhringraj combat premature greying and maintain natural hair colour for longer.

Prevents dandruff

An itchy and dry scalp is a common sign of dandruff issue. When applied straight to the hair, mahabhringraj oil is quickly absorbed into the scalp, keeping it nourished and supple and avoiding over-drying. This lessens the chance of scalp dandruff developing.

Avoids scalp inflammation

It is challenging to wash hair daily, leading to sweat and debris building up on the scalp. As a result, it may result in scalp infections. Regular oiling helps prevent scalp infections since mahabhringraj oil has detoxifying qualities. It can also help with dry hair, split ends, balding, and itchy scalps.The anti-inflammatory compounds in Mahabhringraj Oil help to soothe scalp irritation, reducing itching, flaking, and other scalp-related issues.

Supports anti-ageing 

For even better effects, bhringraj oil can be rubbed onto the skin in a way that is similar to the scalp. Mahbhringraj oil is used directly into the skin to address fine wrinkles and patchy skin, among other indicators of ageing that are addressed by its anti-ageing effects.

Eliminates stress and supports well-being

Bhringraj oil is a blessing for people in this modern age because it may help create healthier sleep patterns, produce a sense of serenity, and eventually decrease stress. 

Tips to use Mahabhringraj oil for maximum benefits

Incorporating this technique to your hair care routine will help you get the maximum benefits of mahabringraj oil:

  • Gently warm the Mahabhringraj Oil until it is in a lukewarm state (avoid overheating)
  • Use your fingertips to gently massage the oil into your scalp with gentle pressure (This improves blood circulation and promotes the absorption of the key ingredients)
  • Thoroughly distribute the oil throughout the length by using a wide-tooth comb or fingers and ensure even coverage
  • Leave it on the hair for about twenty minutes to half an hour (or even overnight)
  • Wait for the ingredients to penetrate into your scalp and work the magic
  • Shampoo your hair the next day or the same day with lukewarm water to remove excess oil


So, if you want to achieve healthy and dense hair, you can include this oil in your hair care routine. Regular oil massage using oil infused with Bhringraj herbs is your foundation step to flaunting healthy hair.


Q.1 What qualities do Mahabhringraj oil offer?

Mahabhringraj oil has moisturising qualities. Besides, its antifungal and antibacterial traits help reduce dandruff and diminish scale psoriasis. It also dampens irritation caused by a dry scalp. Frequent use of Maha Bhringraj oil delays the onset of premature greying of hair.

Q.2 How to use Bhringraj oil on hair?

You may apply Bhringraj oil straight into the scalp. After evenly applying the oil, you need to gently massage your hair in circular strokes. Wait for the ingredients to penetrate inside your hair. Rinse your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo to get the best benefits.

Q.3 Can bhringraj oil restore memory loss?

Mahabhringraj oil is an Ayurvedic ingredient that may help people with Alzheimer's disease or memory loss alongside ashwagandha. 

Q.4 Is it okay to use Mahabhringraj oil on my face?

For even better effects, bhringraj oil can be rubbed onto the skin in a way that is similar to the scalp. Mahbhringraj oil may address fine wrinkles and patchy skin.

Q.5 Does the oil offer benefits to your hair?

There are several benefits of mahabhringraj oil for hair. It may be used as Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment, an herbal hair oil from Kama Ayurveda, or as Bhringraj oil. One of the main constituents, bhringraj, gives the hair all the nutrients and advantages. The oil's other hair-friendly Ayurvedic herbs, such as balloon vines, amla, and indigo, increase its benefits and applications for hair issues.

Q.6 Can you use Bhringraj oil with amla to promote hair growth?

Bhringraj oil is itself a mix of hair-friendly Ayurvedic medicines that prevent baldness and hair fall. However, you can still combine amla powder or paste in the oil to get the benefits. Note that Indian gooseberry or amla can fortify hair roots and encourage growth. It comes loaded with Vitamin C required for the collagen formation. Notably, collagen can strengthen the hair and speed up hair growth.


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