Ayurvedic Intimate Health Care (Zandu Lajjavati Churna)(200g)

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Maintaining intimate hygiene is a crucial part of woman’s health routine. Women could suffer from problems like itching, burning sensation and pain around their delicate intimate area which could further aggravate if proper care and precautions are not adhered to. Therefore, Zandu brings you Lajjavati churna, a safe and Ayurvedic solution for maintaining intimate health that helps manage unwanted discharges and overall wellness in those difficult days. This formulation contains ingredients of two renowned Ayurvedic classical formulation- Pushyanug Churna mentioned in “Charak Samhita & the Ayurvedic formulary of India” and Rasayana churna, mentioned in “Aryabhishaka”. Pushyanug Churna contains Ayurvedic herbs like Lajjalu, Amrasthi, Amra, Jambu and Mocharas that helps in management of unwanted intimate discharges and associated symptoms. Rasayana churna is enriched with goodness of Goksura, Guduchi and Amalaki that aids in improving overall health. It’s about time to take care of your intimate health and wellness with Zandu Lajjavati Intimate Health Care.

  • 1g to 3g powder to be taken twice a day with water or consult your physician. Lajjavati Intimate Health Care has been developed keeping today’s hectic world in mind.
  • Suitable for 18 years and above age groups.
  • For best results and overall health benefits, use regularly.
  • Best before 24 months from the manufacturing date. Always check the date mentioned on the pack before consumption
Ingredient Quantity
Lajjavati 3.77 g
Patha         3.77 g
Jamun 3.77 g
Amra      3.77 g
Pasanbheda  3.77 g
Daruharidra               3.77 g
Ambasthaki              3.77 g
Mocharas 3.77 g
Kamalakeshar 3.77 g
Kesar 3.77 g
Ativish     3.77 g
Nagarmotha            3.77 g
Bael           3.77 g
Lodhra      3.77 g
Gairika  3.77 g
Katphala         3.77 g
Kali marich (Black pepper)      3.77 g
Shunthi     3.77 g
Draksa           3.77 g
Rakta Chandana  3.77 g
Syonaka  3.77 g
Kutaja 3.77 g
Anantmool 3.77 g
Dhataki          3.77 g
Yashti       3.77 g
Arjun                                 3.77 g
Goksura 0.66 g
Giloy 0.66 g
Amla 0.66 g