Which Is Better, Fruit Or Fruit Juice?

In general, fruits benefit the human body in whatever form they are consumed. They are filled with Vitamins, fibres, and numerous other nutrients to help in the smooth and healthy functioning of the bodily systems. Thus, none of the forms of consuming fruits are harmful. 

However, in a comparative study, it was seen that whole fruits offer a lot more health benefits than fruit juices. Listed below are why whole fruits will always have a superior preference in the fruit vs fruit juice battle. 

6 reasons why fruits are a better option than fruit juices

Fruits contain a lot of nutrients and can benefit you better than juices. Since juices are sources of free sugars, they often harbour a risk of Type 2 diabetes and obesity. However, avoiding juices is not solely because of the extra sugar and carbohydrate intake. Rather, it has been seen that even when fresh fruit juices are consumed, they are not as beneficial as whole fruits. 

The main reason is that once the fruit is juiced, it leaves behind a lot of nutrients in the residue, which is different when a whole fruit is consumed. Scroll down to learn why fruits are more appreciated. 

1. Contains essential nutrients

It is wrongly believed that fruit's nutrients are present only in the flesh and not the skin. Because many researchers have proved that the skin of fruits is equally enriched with vitamins. Hence, when we juice a fruit, we leave behind the skin. This automatically reduces the nutrient intake of the body. 

Enriched fruits like Apples, Grapefruit, etc., help prevent diseases like cancer and other heart-related illnesses. It can also aid in balancing blood sugar levels, preventing kidney stones, etc. Hence, everyone suffering from such diseases should opt for whole fruits rather than juices.  

Fruit and their juices

2. Helps with cravings

Eating healthy food in hunger pangs is very challenging. Our very first tendency is to feed on unhealthy snacks. When you consume oily and fatty acids in times of hunger, the body stores them away - a phenomenon termed fat accumulation. This fat accumulation leads to obesity, high cholesterol, etc., shortly. 

Fruits eaten during such cravings help to satisfy your appetite and hunger by treating your body with beneficial nutrients and minerals, which it readily observes. Additionally, consuming whole fruits will not feed you with excessive nutrients that might lead to health harm. Hence, whole fruits are a better option to treat your hunger pangs. 

3. No extra sugar intake

Fruit juices are always discouraged for the excessive sugar they possess. This unnecessary sugar intake, if continued daily, becomes the breeding ground for numerous illnesses like obesity, diabetes, heart-related issues, a few types of cancers, etc. On the other hand, consuming whole fruits helps with various diseases like constipation and inflammatory and irritable bowel diseases. 

Moreover, it also helps promote weight loss and maintain a balanced blood sugar level. Directly consuming a few fruits like pomegranate can also help with low haemoglobin counts. Taking the fibrous content of a few fruits helps enhance your BMI rate, which is impossible in fruit juices.  

4. Retains dietary fibre

One of the most fundamental reasons to choose fruit juice over fruits is the lack of fibre. When you extract the juice from a fruit, you are extracting the sugar content and thus leaving behind the fibres in the residue of the flesh and skin. This means the consumer is deprived of the fibres that contain the nutrients. The essentials contained in fibre help in the smooth flow of the digestive system and deal with issues like constipation. The other health benefits include managing a balanced blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol level, weight loss, and ensuring appreciable gut health. 

Let's take a quick look at the fibre content of ten fruits. 


Fiber Content






















5. Arrests binge-eating

Binge-eating is more like eating unnecessarily, and whole fruits are crucial in avoiding it. The fibre in the fruits helps keep the stomach full for a longer period than other foods. This will help you avoid binge-eating on unhealthy food. One difference to understand here is the difference between cravings and hunger. If you are craving, it does not necessarily mean you are hungry. Hence, when fruits give you a fuller feeling, they inhibit the feeling of irresistibility. As a result, you refrain from eating mindlessly. 

Fruit juices

Also, the immense water content in fruits like watermelons, lemons, apples, etc., helps keep the body hydrated. But in the case of fruit juice, only the liquid form of the nutrients is consumed. Hence, it can not give you the fuller feeling of the fibres. This will eventually lead you to consume unhealthy food filled with fats and carbohydrates. The future result of this is obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes Type 2, several heart diseases, etc. 

6. Promotes oral health

Chewing generally contributes to maintaining decent oral health and promotes tooth strength. It also plays a fundamental role in enhancing the digestive strength of the body. In the case of a few fruits, we leave behind a few parts as residue, for instance, oranges or lemons. The skins of these fruits are not edible; hence, we throw them. 

When you properly chew particular fruits or foods, you squeeze out the maximum nutrients before discarding them. This, in turn, helps absorb most of the nutrients present to promote the body's digestive health. But when juicing it out, other edible residues are discarded. 

Excess of nothing is advisable, and fruits are no exception. Hence, consuming too much fruit can be harmful in some situations. Overeating of fruits is the likely result of juicing out. The juice of a whole orange is quite less than eating a whole orange. As a result, we tend to overeat fruits to obtain a decent amount of juice, which can cause long-term effects. 

Chewing fruits is also a form of mouth exercise. We have often seen that chewing fibrous fruits like Oranges and Melons for a long period can result in the aching of the mouth. Chewing regulates the blood circulation of the facial muscles, which has numerous benefits. It can also help you in toning down your facial fat. This is helpful for older adults who need to externally stimulate a decent blood flow throughout. 

When do we need fruit juices?


Fruit juices are not totally out of the question. They are beneficial but in comparatively lesser amounts. Consuming whole fruits may not be convenient in all situations. And this is leading to a lower intake of fruit nutrients. A survey has shown that less than 10% of the Western population frequently consumed fruit, resulting in an increased rate of illnesses worldwide. Fruit juices in such situations become handy. 

  • The latter will always have the upper hand in terms of convenience between Fruits vs Fruit juices. Juices are very easy to buy and also carry. You can avail the nutrients of fruits in any part of the day, free of any hassle. Also, it is an easy way to keep yourself hydrated, and better than water. Water will only hydrate you, but with the ayurvedic juices, you are hydrated with minerals and nutrients. Cold fruit juices can help you manage the heat in summer. 
  • Another major benefit is for infants and older adults. Neither age group can chew their fruit. Hence, without the availability of juices, they would be nutrient-deprived. Hence, doctors often suggest feeding them with juices of fresh fruits. This benefit also applies to patients who need to boost their immunity with fruit nutrients but lack the strength. A hike in fruit juices was visible during the pandemic when infected patients were advised to keep hydrated. Also, juices were recommended as precautionary steps for boosting immunity. 
  • Digesting dietary fibres requires a certain amount of digestive strength. People with a compromised digestive system and cannot endure digesting fruit fibres benefit. Juices become your best option for taking in essential nutrients. 
  • There are a lot of people who do not like eating fruits for various reasons. But as fruit is a must component in every standard balanced diet, you can replace it with juices to ensure the minimum intake of nutrients. 


There remains no doubt that fruits will be a better option between the two. But in the present rush of life, it is only sometimes possible to keep up with consuming whole fruit. Hence, we might consider juices based on our convenience. However, it would be very appreciated if you could make freshly made or fresh fruit juices. 

If you are purchasing consumer products, it's advisable to opt for ayurvedic products that claim no addition of preservatives like, for instance, Zandu Fruit juices, thus giving you authentic fruit juice benefits.


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