What is Hypogalactia?

What is Hypogalactia?

The insufficient or reduced secretion of breast milk is known as hypogalactia. There are two types of hypogalactia:

Primary (early) hypogalactia: Around 5% of women have primary hypogalactia, i.e. they are unable to produce enough milk in spite of following correct feeding technique and regular feeding pattern. In these women, breast milk production is decreased since the baby’s birth as they have decreased glandular tissue (tissues that produce milk). Primary hypogalactia is seen in women with previous breast surgeries, women who have no/ minimal breast enlargement during pregnancy, retention of placenta or severe pregnancy complications such as postpartum haemorrhage and hypertension.

Secondary (late) hypogalactia:This is a more common type of hypogalactia. It occurs late during the lactation period. It is often associated with irregular, infrequent breastfeeding, or incomplete withdrawing of the milk residue. Other causes may also include inadequate quality and quantity of nutrition, psychic trauma, over-exhaustion, insufficient sleep, or lack of fresh air.

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