• improving immunity and digestion
  • strengthening the joint and muscle
  • maintaining youthful energy and alertness
  • keeping liver and kidney health
  • improving blood circulation

Shake well before use. Store at room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight
1) Mix 2 tablespoons (approx. 20-30 ml)
2) Mix with equal quantityof water
3) Take twice regularly after meals

Rs. 150 Inclusive of all taxes


Q: How is it better than competitors?
  • 100% natural and safe
  • Multiple benefits in one unlike other multivitamin, supplements which meet only specific needs.
  • Q: How is it different from other asav-arishtas?
    Asava-Arishta Benefits
    Maharasnadi Kwath Improves Joint activity & helps in relive of muscle & joint pain
    Drakshasava Improve digestion & provide energy
    Arjunarishta Improve blood circulation & maintain healthy cholesterol level
    Punarnawarishta Improves liver & kidney function
    Saraswatarishta Helps boost memory
    Balarishta Enhance Immunity & provides strength
    Q: Who can consume Swasthyaveda RDH?
    A: Due to aging, sufferers of any one or 2-3 of the following age relate health problems
    1. Joint & Muscular Pain
    2. Poor Immunity
    3. Poor Resistance to Cough & Cold
    4. Digestion Problems
    5. Low energy Levels
    6. Age Related decrease in Mental Acuity
    7. Poor Bone Health
    Q: Is the product Natural & Safe ? What does it contain?
    1. Yes. It is natural and safe
    2. Safety of Zandu Swasthyaveda RDH has been established through extensive studies.
    3. It is enriched with 53 Herbs and the combined goodness of 6 powerful Asava-Arishtas like Arjunarishta, Maharasnadi Kwath, etc
    Q: Will it have another SKU?
    1. The benefit of this product is observed over a regular consumption which cannot be experienced with a smaller SKU
    Q: How is it different from Daily Health Tonic?
    1. It is more efficacious
    2. It is more advanced formulation specifically designed for elderly people
    3. It has the goodness of 53 Ayurvedic herbs
    4. It is a health supplement and not a medicine, unlike DHT
    5. Designed as per the convenience of the elderly
    6. Easy to handle
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