Zandu Chyavanprashad

  • Sugar free Ayurvedic revitaliser
  • Help improves overall body immunity
  • Increases energy and stamina

1 teaspoon (12 g) twice a day with milk.

Rs. 450 Inclusive of all taxes


Q: What are the benefits I shall have from having this product?
A: Zandu Chyavanprashad is sugar free Ayurvedic revitalizer, contains 45+ potent herbal ingredients
  • Immunity
  • Stamina & Energy
  • Good for Diabetics
  • Improves Immunity
  • Is Sugar Free
  • Increases Stamina & Energy
  • Q: Are there any side effects?
    A: Zandu Chyavanprashad contains time tested well known herbs and it is scientifically proven to be safe and efficacious. No side or adverse effect has been observed till date when given in specific dose range. However, if Diabetics are taking should monitor their blood sugar regularly for any fluctuations and consult their physician, if needed.
    Q: Should I check with my doctor before I use this product?
    A: Zandu Chyavanprashad is OTC ,Over the counter product so as such doctors consultation is not required. It is perfectly safe product that adheres to all the norms established by the Govt. Of India for such types of products. However, if your symptom persists for a longer duration of time, we request you to consult a doctor
    Q: How long a person can use Zandu Chyavanprash?
    A: Zandu Chyavanprashad is an Ayurvedic preparation and can be taken for longer duration of time for an optimal results.
    Q: Any Food Restrictions?
    A: As such there is no food restriction with this , patients may continue their usual diet with this product. However, if any advice/guideline being given for any other ailment by physician/dietician, they must keep following that.
    Q: Can I take my regular medicines and continue existing medications along with Zandu
    A: Zandu Chyavanprashad is available in all the Chemists, local kirana& Grocery stores, Modern Trade outlets like Big Bazaar &Spencers, Online stores like Amazon &Paytm and Ayurvedic Bhandars near you. (Call center executive may share the contact number of the concerned sales manager)
    Q: Can both Men and Women take Zandu Chyavanprashad?
    A: Yes
    Q: What is the period of expiry?
    A: Zandu Chyavanprashad has an expiry date of 3 years from the date of manufacturing.
    Q: Can diabetics take Zandu Chyavanprashad ?
    A: Zandu Chyavanprashad is sugar free hence can be recommended for diabetics. However, one can consult their physician before taking the same
    Q: Can cardiac patients take Zandu Chyavanprashad?
    A: Yes cardiac patient can take Zandu Chyavanprashad along with existing medication, but regular health check-up is required to monitor the fluctuations in control, if any
    Q: Can High BP patients take Zandu Chyavanprashad?
    A: Yes patients with hypertension can take Zandu Chyavanprashad along with existing
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