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Today’s active lifestyle puts a lot of strain on our bodies. On top of that, we have little to no time to tend to sprains and injuries and rely on quick and easy fixes to relieve pain. Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch is an easy and fuss-free alternative to oral painkillers, which have numerous side effects in the long run, and to topical medication like sprays, ointments and creams, to relieve muscle and joint pain. It contains Ayurvedic ingredients like Gandharpura Patra Taila, Peppermint Satva and Camphor. These pain relief patches are effective at managing sore shoulder, lower back pain, chronic back pain caused by injuries or sprains and muscular & joint pain. They are free of chemicals, paraben and sulphates. These pain relief patches can be applied in seconds and deliver sustained relief from pain directly to the applied area. These non-smelly, non-messy pain patches do not have side effects like skin irritation. This discreet solution for pain management can be concealed with clothing and does not disrupt your day-to-day life.

About Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch- The joint pain medicine

Chronic or minor pain can be a major cause of discomfort in our lives and can seriously hamper our wellbeing and mood. People often turn to painkillers to relieve pain but fail to notice the side effects associated with them. Another form of relieving pain is applying topical medications like ointments, sprays, or creams directly on the site of pain. These solutions require re-application, are smelly, and leave stains on clothes. At Zandu, we understand these aspects of pain relief and have devised a perfect solution in the form of Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patches. These Ayurvedic transdermal pain relief patches are non-smelly, leave no stains on clothing and can be applied directly on the skin under clothing, remaining hidden from view. They bypass the digestive system to prevent side effects associated with popping oral painkillers. Since this patch is applied locally to the problem area, it can deliver a higher concentration of pain-relieving extracts to reap maximum benefits.
Each pain-relieving patch contains Ayurvedic ingredients like Gandharpura Patra Taila, Peppermint Satva and Karpura (Camphor) to provide long-lasting pain relief. Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patches are perfect for individuals who wish to keep their active lifestyle intact by fighting pain quickly and effectively. These patches can offer relief against shoulder pain, Osteoarthritis, back pain caused by injuries or sprains, and muscle & joint pain caused due to long sedentary hours.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patches- Patches for joint pain

Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch is a non-smelly and non-messy transdermal patch that can be applied any time and anywhere. It offers long-lasting relief from muscular and joint pain and does not interrupt your daily schedule.

Here are some of the benefits of these patches:
  • Joint & muscular pain: Because of the anti-inflammatory property, these patches help in reducing joint swelling. Using patches for muscle pain is a known practice since they relieve muscle strain. These patches soothe neck muscles and help to relieve common neck pain while helping loosen stiff joints/ muscles caused due to long sedentary hours.
  • Pain & inflammation associated with Osteoarthritis: Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch helps reduce the pain and inflammation associated with Osteoarthritis due to its anti-inflammatory property.
  • Back pain: The combination of Gandharpura Patra Taila and Peppermint Satva is being used extensively in back pain patches due to their ability to relieve back pain. Zandu Pain Relief Patches provide relief from lower back pain caused due to improper posture or injury and chronic back pain caused by injury or sprains.
  • Shoulder pain: The benefits of using pain patches for shoulder are well known. They help relieve shoulder pain caused due to tendon/ muscular inflammation.

How to Apply Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch?

Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch provides relief from pain and inflammation in the locally applied area in a convenient form. It can be applied easily and offers long-lasting relief without interrupting your day-to-day activities. Unlike ointments, sprays and creams, it does not require re-application after a few hours. Its self-adhesive design makes it easy to stick it under your clothing and keep it hidden from view. This patch leaves no residue and does not cause itching.

Application Process:
1. Dry the application area completely. Open the pouch and remove the patch.
2. Peel off the protective liner from the cuts in the middle to expose the adhesive area.
3. Apply the patch uniformly on the pain-affected area.
4. If applied on hair, use hot water for easy peel off.
5. Apply immediately upon removal from the protective pack.

Safety Information:
Apply 2 to 3 patches in a day or as directed by the physician. If the patch irritates the
skin, remove it immediately. Do not keep it on while you are asleep at night.
Warning: Do not use on eyes, face, open wounds or infected skin.
Pregnant women need to consult with their doctor before usage.

Ingredients Information

Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch is a transdermal solution that provides instant relief on the site of pain. It is prepared from natural extracts and oils that are 100% vegetarian and organic. This patch is backed by 5000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom and comes in a modern and convenient form.
Gandharpura Patra Taila
Gandhpura Patra Taila, also known as Oil of Wintergreen, is a pain reliever that inhibits the sensation of pain in the locally applied region without the side effects of oral painkillers. Methyl salicylate, one of the main components that naturally occur in this oil, can reduce pain.
Peppermint Satva
Peppermint has a high menthol content and is known to relieve muscle and joint pain. Menthol acts as an analgesic when applied topically for various types of pain. When applied to the skin, it initially produces a cooling sensation to inflamed areas, followed by a warm sensation.
Karpura or Camphor is readily absorbed through the skin and produces a cooling feeling similar to Menthol. It acts as a mild local anaesthetic and antimicrobial substance.

What Makes Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch Special?

Offers long-lasting pain relief : After applying Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief patch, the medicine releases through the skin into the applied area within a few minutes. The release continues in a controlled manner, giving instant and long-lasting relief.

Safe to use - Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch is prepared with natural ingredients that have been in use for thousands of years. These self-adhesive medicated patches are free of any chemicals, paraben or sulphates. They bypass the digestive system and prevent any side effects or digestive issues caused by oral painkillers. These patches can deliver a higher dose of Ayurvedic herbs as they are only applied locally to the problem area.

A promise of convenience
- When it comes to pain relief, topical medications like sprays, ointments and creams are a fussy option that can leave stains on clothes, are smelly and require re-application after a few hours. Our range of Ayurvedic patches is a convenient alternative that can provide sustained relief with no smell or stains and can be applied & removed easily in seconds.

Natural and Ayurvedic - These Ayurvedic patches are composed of natural Gandharpura Patra Taila, Peppermint Satva and Camphor. They are 100% authentic, vegetarian and natural, and do not contain any non-vegetarian ingredients.

Quality and reliability: At Zandu, every product promises authenticity and quality and is backed by one of the most trusted and recognized names in Ayurveda - Emami Ltd., which is home to iconic products that have been in use all over India for generations.
  • Time-tested and proven healthcare solutions
  • Blend of ancient wisdom with modern technology.
  • Backed by easily accessible trustworthy information
  • Boast of nation-wide availability
  • Comply with specifications and methodology in Ayurvedic scriptures

Frequently Asked Questions - Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patches

What are the side effects of this patch?

These patches are Ayurvedic and free of chemicals, paraben or sulphates. If applied for recommended intervals or as prescribed by a physician, these pain relief patches do not have any known side effects.

How do I apply this patch?

Applying this patch is simpler than using ointments, creams or sprays, which require re-application every few hours. Before applying the patch, dry the application area completely. Peel off the protective liner from the cuts in the middle to expose the adhesive area. Apply evenly on your skin, making sure no crease or bubbles remain. If applied on the hair, put some hot water for easy peel off. It is recommended to apply the patch immediately once it is removed from the protective cover. Use a new patch every day. We recommend not to keep a pain relief patch on your skin while you sleep at night.

What patch is good for nerve pain?

For nerve pain, you can apply Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief patch directly at the site of the pain and get long-lasting pain relief without any side effects.

What is the name of the patch for back pain?

Various back pain patches are available in the market for chronic or minor back pain. These patches can be applied directly to the affected area to relieve pain. Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch is one of the ideal solutions for back pain. It provides long-lasting relief from pain or inflammation without any side effects and can be applied easily without any fuss.

How do back pain patches work?

Our Ayurvedic pain relief transdermal patches contain Ayurvedic ingredients that are known to provide lasting relief from pain for thousands of years. This patch can be directly applied to the affected area and delivers long-lasting relief. Since it releases the medicine through the skin in a targeted manner, it helps the majority of the medicine to reach the affected area, providing maximum relief.

Do patches help with shoulder pain?

Using pain patches for shoulder is beneficial since they can be easily attached to your skin and contain Ayurvedic formulations that provide long-lasting relief from pain. The natural extracts and oils in this patch get absorbed into your body over some time. It is a safe and convenient alternative to popping pills or applying sprays, creams and ointments.

Can you get pain relief from patches?

Yes, transdermal patches help relieve pain for sustained periods. Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Patch is designed to offer long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation without the use of chemicals, paraben or sulphates. It is non-smelly and does not irritate your skin.