Zandu Vrikshamla

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Zandu Vrikshamla Pure Herbs capsules are formulated with 100% pure extracts of Garcinia Cambogia. An Ayurvedic solution to keep your weight in check, Garcinia Cambogia helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle, naturally. Vrikshamla is also known to support digestive health.

How to Use

1-2 capsules, twice a day or as directed by physician. Supports healthy weight. Good for digestive health.
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Product description

Zandu Vrikshamla also known as garcinia helps you stay slim and trim while maintaining healthy body weight. Vrikshamla is also known to improve digestion

Benefits of Zandu Vrikshamla

Improves digestive health
Vrikshamla is widely used to treat gastrointestinal disorders and bowel issues
Supports healthy weight
Vrikshamla is considered to be a natural weight loss supplement that reduces fat and manages weight
Improves appetite
Helps maintain a healthy appetite level while reducing the conversion of sugar to fat in the body

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