Digestive Reliver Kit

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Pancharishta 450 ml:

Complete digestive care. Relief from regular digestive problems. Works at roots to boost digestive immunity. Boosts appetite.

How to Use:

30 ml twice daily. With same quantity of water after meal or as directed by the physician.

Aadhman Har Churna:

Introducing Zandu Aadhman Har Churna, a traditional Asafoetida-based formulation that helps in the management of acidity and other digestive impairments. It also helps in treating flatulence and bloating.

How to Use:

Add (1-2) teaspoonful (4-8 gm) to a glass of water. Stir gently and consume it with meal or as directed by the physician. Individual result may vary, dose may be adjusted accordingly.

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