Zandu Giloy with 2x Immunity (60 Caps)

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Zandu Giloy Pure Herbs is made using 100% pure extracts of the immunity-boosting Ayurvedic herb, Giloy with 2x Immunity. Giloy not only ...prevents infections but also reduces stress and anxiety. Regular use improves immunity and keeps you protected from diseases. Guduchi also supports liver health. *Scientifically Proven basis Laboratory N.K. Cell ActivityRead more

How to Use

Take 1-2 capsules twice a day, or as directed by a physician.

Best before 24 months from manufacturing

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Country of Origin: India

About Zandu Giloy

Zandu Giloy is a 100% natural immunity booster prepared from the widely known plant Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia). Giloy, in its powdered form, has been used in conditions like fever, inflammatory ailments, liver diseases, increased blood glucose level and stress. Consuming Giloy powder can be tedious and cumbersome as it must be mixed with other items like fruit powder, honey, and water before consumption.

But Zandu Giloy makes it simpler to obtain nourishment with easy to consume Ayurvedic capsules. Regular intake of Zandu Giloy capsules can act as a safeguard against various conditions like fever, liver disorders, and skin disorders and helps maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Zandu Giloy capsules also help build 2X immunity and maintain overall physical and mental health.

Giloy Benefits and Uses

1. Double Immunity Boost

Zandu Giloy is prepared from the Giloy stem extract that is known to strengthen the immune system. It is observed to have antioxidant properties that are crucial to the process of detoxification.

2. Promotes Liver Health

Liver health is crucial for the regular functioning of the human body. Guduchi is a known antioxidant and has free radical scavenging activity. It has hepatoprotective activity as well as the ability to induce hepatic regeneration.

3. Stress Relief

Giloy is considered to be a "Medhya Rasayan", it helps in boosting cognitive function and provides relief against mental stress. It even helps in maintaining mental health in this modern, hectic era.

4. Anti-Aging

Giloy is a well known Rasayana and Vyavasthapak plant. Regular consumption of Zandu Giloy Ayurvedic Pure Herbs can provide an effective tool to fight against symptoms associated with ageing.

5. Improves Digestion

Zandu Joint Pain Reliever does not try to paper over the cracks or provide temporary relief. The powerful Ayurvedic supplement delivers an effective and durable solution that can help you ease back into rigorous activities with little to no joint pain. Giloy improves appetite, reduces tastelessness, and helps in maintaining a good digestive system.

6. Easy to Consume

Zandu Giloy capsules are better than the traditional method of consuming Giloy in their powdered form. It is not required to mix the capsule with any other ingredient like honey or fruit powder which is the case with Giloy powder.

7. Pure & Unadulterated

As per the fabled Ayurvedic texts, processing methods have been suggested for each product to maintain optimum potency. We at Zandu Care follow the wisdom of Ayurveda to keep their potency intact. When you buy a Zandu product, you can be sure of its natural properties being unadulterated.

Other Benefits of Giloy

Giloy's Sanskrit name is Guduchi, and commonly the terms can be used interchangeably. As mentioned in the Ayurvedic text, the Giloy stem is often useful in treating various types of fever and its associated symptoms. Giloy also contains the Rasayana property that makes it a good rejuvenator. It also helps in boosting immunity and improves the health of the skin. It has multiple benefits and can be useful in maintaining a healthy blood glucose level while it also improves liver function and maintains physical and mental health.

Side Effects of Zandu Giloy

Zandu Giloy capsule is prepared with pure Giloy Extracts that have been used for a long time. Zandu Giloy is made from the pure extracts of natural Guduchi with minimal processing. Side or adverse effects have not been reported by using Zandu Giloy Capsule in the prescribed dose.

Storage Information for Zandu Giloy

Zandu Giloy Ayurvedic Pure Herbs capsules must be ideally stored at room temperature. This will ensure that the capsules are not damaged by environmental factors like heat and humidity. Zandu Giloy capsules must also be stored away from direct sunlight as they may impact the quality, texture, and efficacy of the product.

Recap the container every time after consuming the capsules so that the potency does not wither away. The capsules may even fall to the floor if the container is not closed properly and in turn, may become unsuitable for consumption.

What Makes Zandu Giloy Special?

1. Ayurvedic Brilliance

Zandu Giloy capsules have been developed using the tried and tested Ayurvedic approach that has been a hallmark of Zandu Care as an organization for over 100 years. The Ayurvedic science of healing with nature is the basis of Zandu Giloy capsules.

2. All Natural

Zandu Giloy Ayurvedic Pure Herbs capsules do not compromise on reliable quality to deliver desirable results. The capsule shells are plant-based and contain 100% natural Giloy extracts.

3. No artificial colours

The colouration of Zandu Giloy Ayurvedic Pure Herbs medicine is all-natural and based on the source ingredients directly.

4. No added flavours

Zandu Care does not infuse any additional flavours into its Giloy supplements.

5. No preservatives

We follow minimal processing to preserve the potency of Ayurvedic ingredients. No additional preservatives are added to our products.

6. Gluten-free

Zandu Giloy capsule is free of any gluten, from any wheat variety or derivative and does not share transportation, packaging or processing facilities with gluten-based products.

7. Pure Vegetarian

Every Zandu Giloy capsule is pure vegetarian since the material used for the preparation of each capsule is plant-based, and it contains the Ayurvedic Guduchi herb extracts found in the vast terrain of India. No other mixer or additive is used to develop the Zandu Giloy capsules.

8. GMP Certified

Zandu Giloy capsules are manufactured in the GMP certified advanced Ayurvedic research facilities of Zandu Healthcare, under the careful supervision of our trained scientists after careful and thorough research and development. Each capsule carries the promise of responsibly and locally sourced, powerful ingredients, which are pure, authentic, and backed by centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom.

9. 110 years of Trust & Legacy

Zandu Care's Ayurvedic products have been at the heart of Indian healthcare for over 100 years since the company was established in 1910. Zandu Care has been known for its:

  • Reliable and trusted products
  • Diverse all-natural medicines
  • Potent and effective remedies
  • Ayurvedic brilliance
  • Motto of wellness over profits
  • GMP certified & premier medicines

Zandu Giloy capsules themselves are special and unique because they only use one ingredient to deliver potent results - Giloy extracts. The benefits of the capsules have been corroborated scientifically by Laboratory N.K. Cell Activity.

Frequently Asked Question around Giloy

1. What's the Difference Between Giloy and Guduchi?

Guduchi is a Sanskrit name of Giloy, so there is no difference between them. them. Giloy (Guduchi) contains compounds that lead to properties like being immunomodulatory, antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anti-stress, and antipyretic. Zandu Giloy captures these properties in easy-to-consume capsules that are designed keeping your daily healthcare needs in mind.

2. What is Giloy Good for?

Guduchi (Giloy) is well known for boosting immunity, useful in treating fever, promoting good liver health, improving the digestive system, and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Zandu Giloy Ayurvedic capsules provide all these benefits in a safe to consume and all-natural manner.

3. What is the Best Time to Take Giloy Capsules?

Zandu Giloy 1-2 capsules can be taken twice a day, preferably in the morning before having your first meal for the day. Consult your physician to get a complete idea of the suitable dosage timing based on the state of your health and other conditions.

4. Can Giloy be Taken Daily?

Zandu Giloy Ayurvedic Pure Herbs capsules is an Ayurvedic medicine and can be taken daily due to the all-natural ingredient used in the product - Giloy extracts. You can even consult your doctor for personalized intake and dose.

5. How Much Giloy Tablets Should be Taken?

The dose of Zandu Giloy Ayurvedic Guduchi capsules is 1 to 2 capsules per day or as directed by the physician.

6. Does Giloy Have Side Effects?

Zandu Giloy capsules are prepared with pure Giloy Extract that has been used for a very long time. Side or adverse effects have not been reported by using Zandu Giloy Capsule in the prescribed dose. Furthermore, the extracts are minimally processed to ensure maximum efficacy.

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