Ayurvedic Constipation Medicine (Zandu Swarnapatri Churna)(200g)

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Do constipation related issues affect your regular life? Constipation may cause loss of focus & mental agony thereby, stopping you to lead the life you want. Zandu Swarnapatri Churna is an Ayurvedic constipation medicine formulated with selected Ayurvedic herbs such as Senna, Triphala, Saunf, Mulethi, Eranda Oil along with other ingredients for management of moderate to severe constipation. Ingredients of this Constipation medicine have been proven over time to improve bowel movements and support healthy gut.

How to Use Zandu Swarnapatri Churna?

Add (1-2) tea spoonful (3g to 6g) with Luke warm water at bed time


To be taken under the supervision of Ayurvedic physician.
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Country of Origin: India

About Zandu Swarnapatri Churna

A healthy colon is the way to an active mind! Maintaining a healthy digestive system can be a process more complicated than we understand. Even small deviations from diet and exercise regimen can affect your digestive health adversely in the long run. It may lead to constipation and abdominal discomfort which may ultimately affect your mind & body. Zandu brings you a unique Ayurvedic constipation medicine prepared from standardized Ayurvedic ingredients for managing constipation & improving digestive function.This constipation medicine is enriched with the goodness of Senna, Triphala, Saunf, Mulethi, Eranda Oil along with other ingredients that helps in getting relief from constipation and symptoms associated with it. To get an active lifestyle, try Zandu Swarnapatri Churna now!

Uses and Benefits of Zandu Swarnapatri Churna

Ayurvedic laxative- Relieves constipation & associated problems

Supports Bowel wellness- Enriched with the Senna, Triphala & other Ayurvedic ingredients for improving bowel movement & maintaining gut health

Promotes Digestive function- Zandu Swarnapatri Churna is a constipation medicine that supports digestive health for leading a healthy lifestyle.

How to Use Zandu Swarnapatri Churna?

Add (1-2) tea spoonful (3g to 6g) with Luke warm water at bed time

Storage Information for Zandu Swarnapatri Churna(Constipation medicine)

Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Replace cap tightly after use.

Ingredients Information

Triphala- Contains a unique blend of herbs- Haritaki, Amlaki and Bibhitaki that helps in improving digestion, appetite, taste and provides relief from constipation.

Senna Patra – Has laxative properties, eases bowel movement and provides relief from constipation.

Misreya (Saunf)-Has digestive and laxative properties, improves appetite & maintains healthy digestion.

Eranda Oil-Increases intestinal motility & reduces abdominal discomforts.

Mulethi (Yasti) – Has spasmolytic, hepatoprotective & gastroprotective activities. Useful in improving liver health, gut health and helps to reduce symptoms associated with constipation.

Zandu Swarnapatri Churna is a poly herbal laxative formulation enriched with goodness of 7 Ayurvedic herbs that helps to manage constipation, restore gut health, improve colon health and maintain healthy digestion.

What makes Zandu Swarnapatri Churna special?

We follow Minimal Processing

Ayurvedic herbs are fragile and perishable. Therefore, they cannot be processed beyond a certain point. This is why we follow minimal processing to keep their potency intact.

Pure & unadulterated

This churna, constipation medicine is packed with 100% natural extracts of herbs in its original, unaltered, natural composition without any added flavors, sugars and preservatives.

GMP Certified premise

All our products are manufactured at GMP-certified advanced manufacturing facilities under the careful supervision of qualified and trained staff.

Frequently Asked Questions around Zandu Swarnapatri Churna(Constipation medicine)

What are the herbs useful for constipation?

Ayurvedic ingredients having laxative & purgative properties such as Haritaki, Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Swarnapatri, Yasti, Saunf, Ajmoda, Trivrit are useful in managing constipation.

What helps in constipation?

Zandu Swarnapatri Churna contains Senna,Triphala, Misreya & Eranda Oil that helps in providing relief from constipation.

What can I drink to relieve constipation?

Orange juice, Amala juice, Alovera juice and Triphala infusion can be taken for geting relief from constipation.

Does hot water with lemon juice help constipation?

Water with lemon improves digestion and metabolism, thus it is useful in managing constipation.

How can I clear my bowels every morning?

Taking Zandu Swarnapatri Churna (constipation medicine) in the dose of 1-2 Tea spoonful (3 to 6g) to a glass of water at bed time helps to clear bowel.

What is the treatment of constipation in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda prescribes several formulations to treat constipation and problems associated with it.Zandu Swarnapatri Churna is an an Ayurvedic formulation helps in management of chronic constipation and other related problems like abdominal cramps, bloating, flatulence, loss of appetite, tastelessness and hyperacidity.

Which Ayurvedic medicine is best for constipation?

Zandu Swarnapatri Churna is a constipation medicine prepared with the goodness of selected Ayurvedic ingredients like Senna,Triphala, Misreya (Saunf), Eranda Oil along with other ingredients which helps in providing relief from constipation and symptoms associated with it.

Does Ghee helps to reduce constipation?

According to Ayurvedic texts, Ghrita helps to improve Pachakagni (digestive fire) and Snigdha (unctuousness) in nature . In recommended dose, it helps to improve digestion, softens the faecal matter, improves bowel movement and useful in managing constipation.

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