Zandu Digestive Stimulant (Pachan Vati) (60 Tabs)

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Are you suffering from symptoms of indigestion? Zandu Pachan Vati is a blend of Ayurvedic ingredients containing herbs & condiments that helps to improve appetite, digestive health and reduces indigestion symptoms. A strong & varied appetite reflects an impressive digestion that enhances adaptability to any environment. This digestion tablets work on the root cause of indigestion and helps in prevention, management of digestive disorders and reduces indigestion symptoms. Try Zandu Pachan Vati and say good bye to the problem of indigestion now!

  • 1-2 Digestion Tablets twice a day or directed by the physician
  • Advisory: Best before 60 months from manufacturing
  • Precaution: To be taken under the supervision of Ayurvedic physician.
Ingredient Quantity
Citraka 15 mg
Pippali 15 mg 
Giloy  12 mg 
papaya   45 mg 
Sunthi  37.20 mg
Yavani (Ajwain) 30 mg
Kali Marich (Black Pepper) 18.60 mg 
Hing 25 mg 
Danti 15 mg 
Pippali  9.20 mg 
Sankha-bhasma 30 mg 
Cinca -bhasma  15 mg 
Yavakshar 10 mg 
Svarjikshara 10 mg 
Suryakshar 10 mg
Gandhak 5 mg 


Do you find it difficult to settle in new places with various food culture? Zandu Digestive Stimulant (Pachan Vati) is specially prepared using selected herbs like Chitrak & Trikatu for improving digestive health & reducing indigestion symptoms. Due to weak Digestive system it may be
difficult to travel, eat & enjoy the different types of delicacies. This digestion tablet is known for its great benefits such as improve & strengthen the digestive system & adapt to any environment. It works as a digestive stimulant that helps in improving digestion and provides relief from other
symptoms associated with indigestion like flatulence, bloating, upper abdominal heaviness etc. Regular consumption of this digestion tablet improves appetite, taste and overall digestive health. Say good bye to indigestion & say hello to good health.

Uses and Benefits of Zandu Digestive Stimulant (Pachan Vati, Digestion Tablets)

  • Aids in Digestion- Pachan Vati is a digestive stimulant that helps to maintain overall digestive health & reduces indigestion symptoms.
  • Improves Appetite- Pachan Vati helps in restoration of appetite, reduces tastelessness and other indigestion related symptoms.
  • Supports bowel wellness- It contains selected ingredients helpful in improving bowel movements.

Storage Information for Zandu Digestive Stimulant (Pachan Vati)

Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Replace cap tightly after every use.

Ingredients Information

Chitrak & Trikatu-Reduces digestive discomforts & improves digestion
Sunthi, Marich & Pippali- helps boost appetite, enhance digestion and reduces abdominal distension
Yavani- Aids in digestion and gives relief from abdominal distension.
Pachan Vati helps in managing indigestion related issues like bloating, flatulence & upper abdomen heaviness and improves overall digestive health.

What makes Zandu Digestive Stimulant (Pachan Vati, Digestion Tablets) special?

  • We follow Minimal Processing
    Ayurvedic herbs are fragile and perishable. Therefore, they cannot be processed beyond a certain point. This is why we follow minimal processing to keep their potency intact.
  • Pure & unadulterated
    Every tablet is packed with 100% natural extracts of herbs in its original, unaltered, natural composition without any added flavors, sugars and preservatives.
  • GMP Certified premise
    All our products are manufactured at GMP-certified advanced manufacturing facilities under the careful supervision of qualified and trained staff.

Frequently Asked Questions around Zandu Digestive Stimulant (Pachan Vati, Digestion Tablets)

What causes poor digestion?

Unhealthy life style, less physical activity, mental stress, eating oily & junk food, irregular diet are the major causes for indigestion.

What are the symptoms of Indigestion?

Hyperacidity, flatulence, feeling full & bloated abdomen, belching, loss of appetite, tastelessness, constipation are the major symptoms of indigestion.

How can I improve my digestion?

Proper lifestyle, physical activity, adopting good dietary habit, balance diet, use of natural ingredients that helps to enhance appetite & digestive function.

How Zandu Panachan Vati is useful in digestive disorders?

Balancing the digestive Agni is the core principle of Ayurveda that not just solves the digestive problems but also maintains healthy digestive functions. It aims to destroy the root cause of the problem and provide relief from indigestion symptoms. Zandu Pachan Vati contains ayurvedic ingredients such as chitrak, sunthi, marich, pippli, yavani, hingu, shankha bhama, yava kshara along with other ingredients, well known for their hepato-protective, enzyme stimulating, and antispasmodic activities. Zandu Pachan Vati helps to improve appetite, digestion and maintain liver health. It also reduces gas, acidity, bloating, and other symptoms associated with indigestion.

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