Zandu Joint Pain Reliever (Sandhipeshi Pida Har Vati) (60 Tabs)

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Formulated with a nourishing combination of Ayurvedic ingredients that are known for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, Zandu Sandhipeshi Pida Har Vati helps provide relief from musculoskeletal joint disorders. This vati not only reduces joint pains, inflammation and stiffness but also helps in improving mobility and physical function.

  • Two tablets twice daily after meals (morning and night) with water or as directed by the physician.
  • Best before 24 months from manufacturing.
Ingredient Quantity
Vanga – bhasma  [Bang Bhasma] 5 mg
Nag Bhasma   [Nag bhasma]      5 mg
Lauha bhasma [Loha Bhasma]  5 mg
Makshik Bhasma [Makshik Bhasma] 5 mg
Mandura bhasma [Mandur Bhasma] 5 mg
Abhraka Bhasma  [Abhrakh Bhasma] 5 mg
Rasasindura [Rasa sindur] 5 mg
Yograj Guggul 30 mg
Maharasnadi Quath  235 mg

Frequently Asked Questions around Joint pain medicine, Zandu Sandhipeshi Pida

Har VatiWhat is acute pain?

It is the sudden sharp & intense pain that last for short duration and generally has a specific cause.

How can I get relief from chronic joint pain?

Maintaining healthy lifestyle & using Ayurvedic products can help in improving joint flexibility & reducing other issues related to joints like pain, inflammation, stiffness, tenderness etc.

How Zandu Sandhipeshi Pida Har Vati helps in joint pain management?

Zandu Sandhipeshi Pida Har Vati is Joint pain medicine useful in management of mild to moderate pain. It contains ingredients possessing analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties that helps to overcome the symptoms associated with musculoskeletal joint pain thereby improving overall quality of life.

Is there any side effect of Zandu Sandhipeshi Pida Har Vati?

Ingredients of Zandu Sandhipeshi Pida Har Vati (Joint pain medicine) are 100% Ayurvedic, natural and safe to use in prescribed dose.

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