Why following an Ayurvedic lifestyle is essential during this pandemic

On the occasion of World Ayurveda Day, let’s take a moment to understand and appreciate the oldest healing system in the world – Ayurveda. Known as ‘the science of life,’ the theory of Ayurveda is based on the existence of the five elements - ether (akasa), wind (vayu), fire (tejas), water (jala) and earth (pṛithvi). With the current COVID-19 situation, we must explore the numerous possibilities this 5000-year-old science has to offer. Being a third world country, India has dealt with multiple epidemics over the years, and Ayurveda always had solutions to reduce the symptoms and help you stay immune through it all. With its 110-year-old legacy and Ayurvedic expertise Zandu has always been a part of that journey while contributing immensely to the Indian health care space. 

According to Ayurveda, these Janapadodhwamsa (epidemics) can be dealt with good lifestyle choices and the right medication (Oushadha). Ahara (food) has always played a paramount role in keeping you healthy and well-nourished. The significance of wholesome food supplemented with potent Ayurvedic herbs has been mentioned even on the Aharatattva (dietetics) of Charaka Samhita. The current pandemic has put Ayurveda in a new light as more and more people have become staunch practitioners of this science by inculcating Ayurvedic habits in their lives. Adding Ayurvedic elements such as Haldi, Sunthi, Tulsi and Guduchi in the diet and practising Yoga and meditation, not only strengthen the immune system but also help you stay stress-free and calm during these trying times.


Ayurveda believes that all lives are intimately interconnected in a way that only nature can discern. It assumes that every disease has a root cause and hence, gives great emphasis on prevention more than cure. The balance of three energies of our body (doshas) - Kapha, Pitta and Vata, achieved through a wholesome diet, good thoughts and a healthy lifestyle, helps to prevent diseases in the most natural way.  Knowing your constitution, according to Ayurveda, allows you to make the right choices thereby keeping you free from lifestyle disorders.


Zandu Ayurvedic Team

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