About Vedika

Zandu Vedika is our first Chief Caring Officer, who loves sharing her knowledge of Ayurveda with a healthy dose of humour. She is an embodiment of the values of Zandu Care, bringing to the forefront our 110-year-old rich legacy and wisdom. She recognizes the need for modern technology but respects traditional values. She is warm, approachable, but an authoritative scholar of Ayurveda. That’s because she is a little dynamo of energy fuelled by Active Veda, a whole new way of looking at Ayurveda. 

Want to learn the best way of doing Surya Namaskar, or the difference between tea and infusions? Curious about the difference between Ayurveda and Active Veda? Need the perfect remedy for heartbreaks, or constipation? With her valuable expertise, she can assist you with anything. In a nutshell, she is that problem-solver who surprisingly knows about everything.

Be it serious health tips, the best way to handle diabetes or hypertension, or lactose intolerance, Vedika offers comprehensive educational content across health and wellness categories, and tends to have a point of view for everything under the sun. While her roots are traditional, her outlook remains modern. She has a charming persona; she can engage you in an enriching conversation.

Her rise in the Ayurvedic world gives birth to a platform where you can discuss the A-Z of the Ayurvedic way of life. She creates a space where she can aid by harnessing the power of modern technology to improve Health and Wellness. She's young and mature. She's that friend whose recommendations you can trust when it comes to embracing good health for yourself and your family. She appreciates and rewards people who share the same love for Ayurveda. She's fun, she's funny, and sometimes she's wicked. Follow her. It will be good for you. Follow her on Insta, Twitter, and Facebook. And you better like everything she says.


Zandu Ayurvedic Team

Zandu Ayurvedic Team has a panel of over 10 BAMS (Ayurvedacharya), boasting a collective experience of over 50 years. With a deep-rooted understanding of Ayurveda, they are committed to sharing their expertise & knowledge through our blogs.
We use all kinds of Ayurvedic references in our content. Please use the contact form for any editorial queries.

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