How Ayurveda can help relieve back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by many people these days. And the worst thing about back pain is that if you leave it unattended, then there are chances that it might get aggravated. There can be various reasons for back pain. It can be due to improper sleeping position, incorrect sitting posture or any ligament pain. 

However, some ayurvedic treatments for back pain can help you in relieving the tremendous pain. This article is a detailed guide on the reasons for back pain and how Ayurveda can help in its treatment. 

Causes Of Back Pain 

Enlisted below are some causes which can crop up back pain. But fortunately, effective ayurvedic remedies for back pain can help you recover from this pain. Some of the major causes of the pain are: 

  1. Any injury or disease on the back muscles, bones or nerves. 
  2. Normal pregnancy phase can also be a significant reason behind back pain, as the muscles of the pelvic region stretch during this phase. 
  3. Stiffness in the spine or Spondylitis. Sometimes, the situation can be worse after waking up in the morning. 
  4. Spinal cord tumors 
  5. Overweight or obesity 
  6. Viral infection or inflammation 
  7. Osteoporosis 
  8. Disc prolapse between the backbones, irritating nerve roots. 

Symptoms Of Back Pain 

Symptoms of back pain

The symptoms of back pain show the level of pain you are suffering. These are:

  • The primary symptom is pain in the lower back portion which may gradually radiate downwards at the back of the leg or even on the left and right sides. 
  • Weakness or numbness in the lower back area. 
  • The pain may worsen after prolonged sitting or performing any stretching activity that focuses on the back. 

What Is Ayurvedic Treatment?

Ayurvedic treatment is the world's ancient holistic treatment for body healing. Ayurveda has everything from mind relaxation to treating severe chronic diseases. The treatment of Ayurveda is differently designed for every individual, depending on their body issue. The treatment is designed in such a way that it maintains a healthy balance between your physical, emotional and primary life force. 

Ayurveda for back pain

The process of ayurvedic treatment begins with internal blood purification, which is considered the main cause of most diseases in the human body. Followed by the treatment comes a few home remedies, meditation, massage therapies and a balanced diet. However, regarding the most common problem of today's world, back pain can be effectively treated with Ayurveda. There are many benefits of Ayurveda for back pain relief.  

Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment is based on the principles of wellness and good health. It does not promote fighting against the disease. Here are some benefits of adopting ayurvedic treatment. 

1. Body Maintenance And Weight Loss

Ayurvedic treatments promote a healthy lifestyle, including balanced meals. This eventually helps in reducing excessive weight. Body weight is not an issue in the treatment process, but dietary habits are. However, maintaining a wholesome diet helps detox and gives you a toned physique. 

2. GoodBye To Stress And Anxiety

benefits of ayurvedic relief from back pain

As our life is moving fast, we barely get time to relax and rejuvenate. Ayurvedic treatments effortlessly help relieve stress and anxiety, which is also a cause of back pain. Through meditation, massage therapies, breathing exercises, yoga and herbal treatments, you can help your body to calm down, relax and get refreshed. 

3. Healthy Glowing Skin And Hair 

Clinical treatments for healthy skin and smooth hair can be expensive, with no guarantee of the best results. However, with ayurvedic treatment, you can ditch these clinical treatments and indulge yourself in Ayurveda supplements. You can achieve your desired results with a healthy diet, toning exercises, and a calm state of mind. 

4. Reduction In Inflammation

Reduction in inflammation

Reasons like indigestion, irregular sleeping patterns and incorrect dietary habits can result in inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many neurological problems, heart diseases and gastrointestinal issues. Ayurvedic treatments here help strengthen the digestive system. This eventually would eliminate the root cause of most severe diseases. 

How To Get Back Pain Relief With Ayurveda? 

Sukh Ayurveda Detox therapies are best known for detoxing the body. This detoxifying treatment in Ayurveda includes purgation, mild herbal enema and herbal massages. Kadivasti therapy has a significant effect on back pain. It is one of the best and most effective ayurvedic remedies for back pain. 

The treatments in Ayurveda come in a combination which is a perfect balance between the constitution of the patient and the level of pain in the back. This creates an ideal physical ambience for quick healing. The therapies remove the problem of toxin accumulation. It eventually loses impurities settled on the tissues and helps in easy absorption. Elimination of tissue impurities from the body helps in healthy blood circulation and body nourishment.  

Balanced Diet For Ayurvedic Treatments For Back Pain

Balanced diet - Ayurvedic treatments for back pain

There are many food items which might aggravate back pain. Hence, during ayurvedic treatments, it is advisable to consume a balanced meal. You must avoid foods like milk, caffeine and pulses, which are difficult to digest—favoring foods which can be easily digested help in cleansing the physiology, and nourishment and balances the body's inner intelligence. 

Ayurveda Herbs For Relieving Back Pain 

The main purpose of using Ayurveda herbs is to replenish the balances whose malfunctioning is the root cause of severe chronic diseases. An ayurvedic practitioner selects appropriate herbs depending on the pain level and the patient's body. According to the definitive studies, back pain relief with Ayurveda can be most effective when the patient completes the detox program. 

Daily Lifestyle Routine To Treat Back Pain 

Benefits of ayurveda for back pain relief

One of the main reasons behind the disbalancing of the body and chronic illness is the malfunctioning of the body's natural harmony. This generally happens because of a disturbed lifestyle and irregular routine. Eating, sleeping and exercising in irregular patterns disturbs the body's natural functioning. Eventually, the capacity of self-healing of the body decreases. 

When opting for ayurvedic treatments for back pain, it is important to have a daily sound routine that does not harm your body's natural physiology in any way. Any activity or exercise involving extra stretching in the back or stresses the muscles should be avoided during the treatment. Also, keeping a pillow in between or under the knees while sleeping is advisable. This helps keep your back in a straight position relieving the back pain. 

Home Remedies After Adopting Ayurveda For Back Pain Relief

Ayurvedic treatments cannot continue for a lifetime. Hence, there are some home remedies which you must follow after the ayurvedic treatment. 

1. Relax As Much As You Can 

Relaxing and staying calm is the most minimal thing you can do for your back pain. Tensed muscles tend to aggravate the pain tremendously. If your pain increases, it is better to hold your daily errands for a few days until the injured tissue or ligament is completely cured. 

2. Correct Sleeping Posture

Sleeping posture - Ayurvedic treaments for back pain

Once you complete your ayurvedic treatments for back pain, you must maintain a healthy sleeping and sitting posture. Changing posture while sleeping can also do miracles. However, taking a pillow under your knees or in between the knees while sleeping helps to release the strain off your back. 

3. Keep Constant Movement 

It is said that people who are in constant movement cure quickly. For example, you can go for morning walks, shop, or work. But at the same time, you must avoid everything that can aggravate your pain. 

4. Healthy Eating Habits 

Some foods are not easily digestible. As such, they cause an imbalance in the body. Followed by the ayurvedic treatment, it is advisable to consume foods rich in calcium to keep the bone density strong and easily digestible. Besides this, avoid consuming foods like curd and lemon until the pain eases. 

5. Exercising Regularly 

Regular exercise - Ayurvedic treatments for back pain

The most common causes of back pain are stiffness, stress, being overweight and poor posture. Exercising regularly can help in addressing these problems. You can also adopt regular physical activities like walking, yoga or swimming. You must select an activity that helps ease your pain and does not aggravate your condition. 

Some Preventive Measures To Keep Back Pain At Bay

Even after getting back pain relief with Ayurveda, there are some preventive measures which you must keep in mind so that your condition does not worsen. 

  • Keep exercising regularly without stressing your back muscles much. 
  • Avoid sitting idle for prolonged hours. 
  • Apply massage therapy at regular intervals. 
  • Correct your sleeping and sitting posture. 

The Bottom Line 

Ayurveda is a choice of lifestyle which does not promote fighting against the disease but facilitates the elimination of the root cause of diseases. Having an active life with proper sun exposure, healthy eating habits, and correct posture can facilitate effective ayurvedic remedies for back pain. Keeping in mind the benefits of ayurvedic treatment, it not only helps relieve physical problems but also relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the soul. The massage therapies of Ayurveda resolve aggravating pain problems and help ease the pain effectively. If you are also facing problems related to back pain and mental stress, try adopting ayurvedic treatment.


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